My favourite things about my natural hair

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I big chopped 2 months ago and I have settled in nicely into my new ‘do and routine. I feel this is the time that I can share some of my favourite things about my new journey. Because my hair is still so short, there is not much to my regimen and it takes me minimal time to get everything done including wash days. After trying out wearing my hair stretched out and embracing my shrinkage, I’ve realised that I like my hair more in its shrunken state and this is how I wear it on any given day now, this was until I learnt how to flat twist.  I feel like I need to add a disclaimer that this post is not about relaxer hair bashing or comparing relaxed to natural hair or anything of the sort. These are my experiences in the past month and they will differ for other people. Okay, now that that is over, let get to it…[su_list icon=”icon: heart” icon_color=”#f2004c”]

  • Short wash days I am done in no time, there are no long detangling sessions that I have to endure. Towards the end of my transition, detangling my hair became a nightmare.
  • I am learning to be creative with my hair dos this definitely needed to happen because I get bored with the same look, so I keep on having to switch it up. Up to now, I have tried twist outs, braid outs, hair accessories, embracing shrinkage. I am keen on trying bantu knots outs and perm rod sets now that my hair is a bit longer.
  • I look younger yep, especially when I wear my hair in it’s shrunken state
  • Using less product because the hair is still so short, I don’t have to use that much product. This will obviously change with time, but currently I am enjoying being able to stretch my products over a longer period of time.
  • What tangles? I have minimal tangling, shed hair and breakage since being natural. I am guessing this is in line with my moisture retention.


What are some of your favourite things about your hair?

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  1. Joie

    Now I wish my hair was so short , so i can use less products on wash day. You hair is really amazing.

  2. Bonolo

    Wonderful. You making me so jelly! Your natural hair sounds like a dream- can’t wait for mine! This sista is still transitioning…..

    1. Lungi

      I am definitely enjoying it, but it has some of its pitfalls though.

  3. Becca

    No tangles is definitely a plus! And looking younger as well 🙂

    1. Lungi

      Definitely! Detangling is now a dream, I am going to enjoy it while I can

  4. Lebogang

    TWA is good because you learn a lot, from what products your hair loves and dislikes. The best part is the no long wash days.

    1. Lungi

      It definitely is a struggle at times, but the good times outweigh the bad ones.

      Thanks for the comment Jackline 🙂

  5. lindy

    I just cut my hair and want to try being natural . lungi inbox me i want to ask you a question

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