Hair update // January 2016

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This is my first monthly hair update for 2016. One of the changes I have made to my blog is not posting about every wash day – towards the end of last year, I found that they were becoming very repetitive and I dreaded writing them. I think the monthly update will work much better. I document the procedures of each wash day and how my hair is feeling – so I always have a reference to use if I see any changes to my hair.

Wash Days
I had a total of 5 wash days,  I pretty much used the same products and techniques for prepoo, shampoo, moisture and sealing. The only things that have changed were my deep conditioners. I used some from my sachet collection and once I had narrowed that down, I then started using the full sized staples. For my deep conditioning sessions, I alternated between using my heating cap and steaming my hair. My new plan is to have my clarifying and protein wash day on the last wash day of the month – that was I don’t have to always count and keep track of the weeks in between.

Hair products used in January for natural hair

I’ve had a whole mixture of styling this month. The one major plus is that I learnt how to flat twist my hair! whoop whoop! So on one of my wash days I stretched my hair by blow drying it using the tension method, I then did a half flat twist, half 2 strand twist do which I kept for 3 days.

hair update January 2016

Best thing about my hair this month
Definitely learning how to flat twist – that overshadows everything! I have to practice now so I can get better at it.

Not so great thing about my hair this month
I noticed that my hair was getting drier faster than normal, I think the airconditioning at the office had a lot to do with this. So I have upped my moisturising routine. I moisturise and seal nightly now. I use a version of my DIY moisturising spritz and to seal, I use my whipped shea butter.

Plans for February[su_list icon=”icon: asterisk” icon_color=”#f2004c”]

  • I want to do more flat twist styles that I can keep for a week in order to curb daily manipulation.
  • Up my moisturising and sealing to every night
  • Do scalp massages 3 times a week using my oil mix concentrating on my edges. This is part of the Two Months Front Hair Growth Challenge by Joie
  • Use steam for all my deep conditioning sessions in order to up my hair’s moisture levels


Do I look basic in my TWA?

Earlier this month, I had a ‘moment’ with my hair. At first I was going to do a separate post on it, but I have finally decided to add it to this update post.

My first ‘insecure’ hair moment came earlier on in the month. I was attending a party, this was my first ‘fancy’ do that I have had to attend since my big chop. Whilst I was getting ready, I had a thought of: ‘I’m going to look so basic with my TWA’. So I decided to doll up and apply some make-up, but I somehow still felt like I wasn’t proper done.

Anyway, I chinned up and set out to enjoy myself. After getting to the party, I started noticing a number of other natural haired ladies of varying lengths proudly rocking their hair and they all looked gorgeous. This somehow made me feel better about my look and my hair. Seeing other people gave me the confidence and the security that I was not basic 🙂

I have been wondering whether to share this experience or not because it seems so vain and not really that important. However, it made me realise that there is still a lot of work that I need to do within myself to erase what I may have thought were the ‘standards’ of beauty. I have also shared it to show the type of emotional stages and experiences that come with changing your whole look and seeing oneself in a different light. I don’t have all the answers to this, so this post doesn’t have a conclusion. I cannot guarantee that I will not have these type of thoughts about my hair again.

So, how was your hair this month? Are you on par with the goals you have set?

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  1. Lebogang

    I envy you I am very slow at learning hoe to flat twist, you might as well make a video on beginners lessons to flat twists.

    1. Lungi

      My technique is still not that great Lebogang, I will make a video when I full get a hang of it

  2. Nosihle

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience about “feeling basic” we all need to work on erasing those “beauty standard” that have been taught to us since birth. for me my fear is trying something new, and wondering if it will suit me or will I have to dress different to match the hair style.The list of worries is endless

    1. Lungi

      It’s a pleasure Nosihle. I was so apprehensive to share that moment, now I’m glad that I did. This kind of change in our lives is bound to come with some emotional ‘stuff’ – I hope that my experiences through my blog can help lessen or quieten down some of your worries.

  3. Bonolo

    Yeah, I totally feel basic right now and I’m still transitioning! Every time I take down a protective style, I have to do so knowing how I’m going to look ‘acceptable’ until I hide my hair again. Yep, lots of work to be done.

    I love your look with the red lipstick, you look fierce

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Bonolo. I also had a hard time liking my hair towards the end of my transition.

  4. Ayanda

    My afro has grown quite a lot but I still “struggle” to wear it even though deep down I know it suits me… It all boils down to confidence… I also have a product suggestion… Try the ORS smooth and hold pudding.. It is good for styling and curl definition.. You know how hard it is for SA girls to find curling puddings so I was excited to learn about it!

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Ayanda, I will look out for the pudding. I do agree about the confidence issue – if you feel good from the inside, no external elements can make you feel other wise

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