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I was tagged by Clare who runs the blog Wolf & Moroko for the Me Time tag. I am a big believer is spending some time alone with oneself and ones thoughts. I use this time to reflect, think, assess and plan. As I have grown older, I have grown to appreciate time alone so much more, sometimes being around lots of people tires me out. The tag consists of question of how I spend my me time, peep my answers below.

What do you watch/read during me time?
I mostly read magazines or the novel that I am busy with at that time.

What do you wear during me time?
As little as possible, I love feeling comfortable and wearing items that are as close to wearing nothing as possible is what I go for. I alternate between 2 types of outfits: a loose maxi dress and a big piece of cloth that I wrap around myself.

What are your me time beauty products?
Sheet masks – I love them so much. I also use me time to apply nail polish

Current favorite nail polish?
Revlon Colostay Gel Envy in Royal Flush

What do you eat/drink during me time?
I am currently trying to stay away from eating processed food; so my current healthy snacks are nuts and blueberries. If I am keen for something sweet, I have a piece of extra dark chocolate.

Current favorite candle?
Yankee Candles in Pink Sands & a 3 wick candle I found at Makro in the fragrance Morning Dew.

Do you ever have outdoor me time?
Back when I used to jog, that was my outdoor me time. It was lovely to be out in the park, feeling the wind on my face and sweat dripping down my body while my feet were pounding the pavement. I don’t jog anymore, but I am trying to get back into it.

Would you ever see a movie alone?
Yes, I’ve done it before.

Favorite online shop?
I don’t do a lot of online shopping. I usually browse the shops, put items in my cart and never return to complete the transaction. The shops where I complete the transactions are:, &

Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?
I have carved out a meditation/quiet corner in my house. So when I need time away, that’s where I’ll be, either meditating or reading some inspirational book. The space is also a no technology zone, so I really shut off from the world when I am in there.

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  1. Lebogang

    I love your meditation/quiet corner it looks cosy and welcoming.

  2. Katleho

    But no hey, The “Pink Sands” Yankee Candle?! LOL, out of all the Yankee Candles out there you had to speak about one I adore too!!! LOL, please also try the “Lovely Kiku” and the from the Coconut Collection, try the
    Coconut and Sea Air” OMG!!! You will love them!

  3. Clare

    Me time tag. Woot,woot!:-)

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