The easy to make low carb & low sugar alternative to muesli…my nut granola recipe

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Since the beginning of the year I have changed the way I eat. I have been eating more ‘real’ food than processed food, I have drastically minimised my refined sugars and refined carbohydrates intake. One of the food “groups” that had to go was breakfast cereals. So to make up for that, I have been eating nut granola, it’s a great substitute for normal muesli with almost none of the sugar that you find in muesli. I eat it for breakfast or as an after work snack with double cream yoghurt and berries. It’s pretty easy to make and I get 12 servings. It is not the cheapest recipe because nuts are quite expensive. I buy the nuts from Food Lover’s Market, they have a wide selection of the low carb friendly nuts.

Low carb, real food Nut granola recipe

*This is an adaptation from the Real Meal Revolution book by Tim Noakes

The ingredients in this recipe can be customised to your taste as are the quantities of nuts. I added about a teaspoon of each of the spices because I wanted to get just a hint of them and not have them overpower the granola. My first batch of nut granola had walnuts instead of pecans and didn’t include the seed mix. So it’s pretty customisable, but please don’t add peanuts.

This is the first food recipe I have made on the blog, I plan to include more in the future mostly of the processed food alternatives that I have been trying out in my kitchen.

Some of the photos from my granola prep…

low carb, real food nut granola

Almond flakes & pecan nuts

low carb, real food nut granola

Sunflower seeds & 4 seeds mix


low carb, real food nut granola

Spices and coconut oil

low carb, real food nut granola

Heating the spices and coconut oil in the pan

low carb, real food nut granola

About to go into the oven

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  1. Katleho

    I love granola!!! Wow, that looks like a great alternative as compared to buying it from the store. I’m tempted to try and prepare my own with some of my favourite ingredients.

  2. Bonolo

    love this. think I’ll alternate with oats for breakfast

    1. Lungi

      I do the same Bonolo. It’s either this, eggs or oats.

  3. Becca

    Great recipe I think I may try it Lungi! I sometimes have it with stewed plums πŸ™‚

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Becca. Stewed plums sound lovely & decadent

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