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Autumn is knocking at the door, time to pack away those short dresses and bring out the cardigans. I am a bit bummed that days are getting shorter, but also happy that I can wake up in time to see the sunrise. I’ve done another taking stock post for the summer – there seems to be a ‘get to know me’ theme going on on my blog lately; I have a new video up on my YouTube channel where I did the ‘About me’ tag. Do check it out. 

Cooking so many more of my meals as part of my eating real food stance. Not eating processed food means that most of the things I eat have to be cooked from scratch

Drinking many more cappuccinos – I  think I am becoming addicted

Reading The girl who saved the king of Sweden – I’ve been reading it for a while. It is taking me forever to get through it, it’s a great book though

Looking for a perfect everyday tinted moisturiser or BB cream, basically something that takes minimal time to apply to my face – I need to cut down the time I spend applying makeup in the morning. To see my current morning routine…click here

Playing and listening to many more podcasts, they are becoming my new favourite

Wishing that every item on my lust list can magically appear in my life

Enjoying taking time to myself more, I have been travelling out of town over weekend a lot this quarter. It feels awesome to have nothing planned on some weekends

Waiting for all the Easter Eggs to be off the shelves at the supermarkets, my resistance is slowly crumbling. I just might be tempted to buy my favourite marshmallow egg

Liking that I am learning so many skills through my blogging journey. Things like: creating graphics, editing videos, changing the code for my website. I love learning!

Wondering which colour extensions I should choose for my upcoming protective style. I want to do more than the usual black and dark brown. I am thinking of a deep red

Loving my new acrylic makeup storage. I have been looking an affordable one for so long

Hoping that I can film more YouTube videos – I have been on a roll; I’ve been having fun & learning a lot

Marvelling at how my hair is growing – it’s so weird because it doesn’t look like it’s grown (hello shrinkage), but when I stretch it out…whoa!

Needing fibre internet at my place!

Smelling my new hand cream, yummy. I can’t live without a good hand cream or 5 in my life

Wearing more closed shoes, I haven’t been taking care of my toenails lately *hides*

Noticing that my product junkie tendencies (hair and beauty products) have decreased dramatically. It is so awesome to not be feeling the need to buy new products anymore

Thinking that I should get back to exercising. I have been off my jogging since last year sometime – I miss it and I should make the time again

Bookmarking my Youtube channel, I am actively filming videos currently; so do check it out…shameles plug 🙂

Feeling happy about the extra looooong public holiday roll coming up! *ayeye*

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