10 things no one knows about me

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Happy Human Rights Day everybody, I hope you are having an awesome day whichever way you chose to spend it.I was tagged by Katleho who blogs over at GentleOrchid for this tag. It has taken me a while to write it and try figure out things about me that are weird and interesting. It’s a fun, light hearted tag for the readers of the blog to know a bit more about me, nothing too serious. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

  1. I love music and singing, I always have a song in my head and being in my car is like being at a concert with me as the headlining artist.
  2. I changed my first name when I was 17 – I wanted to reinvent myself in a way, my father was not happy with me at all.
  3. I have never liked eating boiled sweet potato (this is how it is usually cooked by my people), however I have recently discovered roasted sweet potato, and that bad boy is bae!
  4. For about a year now I’ve been attending weekly meditation classes and learning about some of the principles of Buddhism – it has been super interesting and so beneficial to my life.
  5. I think my tastebuds are starting to reject processed food. I’ve been on a ‘real food’ lifestyle since the beginning of the year. Processed food is starting to taste nasty; I ate a Whooper from Burger King a couple of weeks ago and it tasted horrible! I couldn’t even finish it. Even my favourite: Chicken Licken wings didn’t taste so nice the last time I ate them.
  6. About 10 years ago I worked in a hair products manufacturing plant. I was deeply involved in making relaxers, oil moisturisers, shampoos etc. – back then I did not have an interest in my hair as I do now. It’s awesome to look back though at the bit I can remember how we use to mix the ingredients, make one batch of a product but package it in 2 different brands which were sold at different prices.
  7. I don’t like putting lotion on my body after my evening shower, I feel like it’s such a waste and it’s just going to get on my sheets, lol. I know it is bad for my skin’s moisture levels, I’d rather use in shower moisturisers instead.
  8. I don’t particularly care much about my car being clean *hides*. My car can go for months without me cleaning it inside – it ends up looking like a mini storage area.
  9. I started wearing glasses 8 years ago. I used to get hectic headaches every day in the late afternoon. My doctor referred me to an optometrist who decided that I needed to wear glasses when I work on my laptop, reading or knitting. I am since healed, my headaches are no more and I am a 4 eyes at certain times of the day.
  10. I am experimental by nature, especially when it comes to doing DIY. I love creating things, trying out recipes etc. I don’t always get it right. I have a number of didn’t-quite-work-out projects lying around all over my house.

That’s it!  Do we share any weird and wonderful things?

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  1. Katleho

    Chicken Licken wings though?!! Girl you can’t be serious?! LOL, they are my guilty pleasure! *hides* So you don’t even get the monkey on your back cravings anymore?

    1. Lungi

      LOL! the monkey is gone for now. But you know how he always comes back

  2. Lebogang

    Oh no. 7 I am also guilty of doing it I can’t stand to waste moisturisers on my sheets.

    1. Lungi

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one 🙂 – check back tomorrow, i have a post on the perfect solution for us

  3. bonolo

    Ok I’m on the hair manufacturing plant. Say what?!
    You’re interesting

    1. Lungi

      It was so long ago while I was still a student & it wasn’t too interesting to me at the time . I’d jump at the opportunity now.

  4. Vuyelwa

    About #5…I get the same feeling when I haven’t had chocolate or sweets for a long time. They taste overwhelming sweet and make me nauseous.

    1. Lungi

      Yep! It’s a good thing I guess. Goes to show that we can drop some of our ‘bad’ habits.

      Thanks for the comment Vuyelwa

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