Hair update // March 2016

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I’m back with a hair update for the month on March. One thing that stands out this month is that I can finally see that my hair is growing! I’m sooo happy. I even tweeted that natural hair is a silent grower, it grows on the down low, it seems like you wake up one day with a head full of hair! My hair is currently in a protective style, it feels so good to have it put away for a bit. I don’t have to worry about it on a daily basis.

February Hair Goals Review

  • Buy a co-wash conditioner. My hair crush, my boo Nomonde has awesomely soft natural hair, she only shampoos her hair once a month and co-washes all the other times. I want to try this out on my hair. Done, I bought the Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner – The nourishing repairer. See my very positive 1st impressions of this conditioner in my wash day video
  • Steam my hair at every wash. This worked well in February, I am keeping it up for March. 50% achieved – I steamed in 2 out of my 4 wash days
  • Braid my hair. My first long term PS as a natural is coming up – I’m excited about hiding my hair for a bit. Done! I did crochet braids – the video will be up on my Youtube channel by this weekend.

Wash Days
I had 4 wash days this month – nothing too special. I did cowash on one of those wash days – I was away from home so I couldn’t use any of my heating tools. It didn’t quite work out so well – my hair did not feel moisturised at all. It just goes to show how much I need to use heat to ensure that the products I use really get taken up by my hair. (Wash day video).

One of my instant conditioners that worked so well on my relaxed hair is a no go with my natural hair. That’s the Boots Sun, Swim & Gym Conditioner – I’ve used it twice on my natural hair and it still says: no, no, no! I’m going to try use it up while my hair is in the protective style.

Best thing about my hair this month
Discovering that when my hair is stretched using threading, I can tie it into 2 – hello pigtails. The front section of my hair is the shortest, but I use some gel to lay it down when my hair is in the pigtails. The best thing about this revelation is that I can now protect my ends when my hair is not in a protective style! Whoopity whoop! I fashioned this cute pigtails look using Marley hair this month.pigtails using marley hair on 4c natural twa

Worst thing about my hair this month
When I had the above mentioned hairstyle, I realised that the hair on the front sides of my head is quite thin. This only became apparent because my hair was pulled back. It really got me down, hence why I decided not to braid my hair anymore and rather do crochet braids and then come up with a strategy to get my hair thicker.

Goals for April

  • Keep crochet braids for the whole month
  • Wash day every 2 weeks
  • Scalp massage with oil mix and moisturise every other day

crochet braids

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  1. Lebo

    Your Crotchets are looking great! Well done on your achievements for Mar and all the best on your Apr goals X.O

  2. Bonolo

    I like the hair! Had mine the same as in the pic- I’m giving mine a breather then crochet braids again for graduation. It’s really a fun hairstyle to have, you’ll enjoy it

    1. Lungi

      Hey Bonolo, 1st of all…Congrats on your graduation! whoop whoop!

      I am loving the crochet braids, they’re so easy to maintain.

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Uzo, because I did the braids myself, there is zero tension on my actual hair. It doesn’t feel like I have anything installed at all.

  3. Lebogang

    Do you still use the clothing steamer?

    1. Lungi

      Thanks KLP, I will do a tutorial when I’ve taken out the crochet braids

  4. Becca

    the piggytails are cute 🙂 and big ups to braiding your own hair!

  5. Joie

    Your pigtails came out really nice! Love them!

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