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As part of my daily makeup routine I do not wear eye shadow every day because it takes so long to apply. On the days that I do apply eyeshadow, I first apply primer and then use an eyeshadow base. The eyeshadow base helps to even out the eyelid, lightens it up and makes the eyeshadows pop. I currently have 3 eyeshadow bases in my makeup collection; this post will go through them and I also have swatches of each eyeshadow base.

LA Girl HD eyeshadow primer – white


This product is called a primer even though I use it as a base; it’s white in colour. I’d watched a lot of Youtube videos where NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk was used as a base, I couldn’t find that pencil in South Africa, and so I thought to buy this one as a dupe (I guess) for that product. I find this base pasty and difficult to blend, it could be that I am using too much. I also find that I have to use a lot of eyeshadow in order to cover it up.

Essence I love stage eyeshadow base


This base is a liquid form; it’s just a bit runnier than a liquid concealer in consistency. It comes with an applicator which I found very useful. I apply it by dabbing a little bit on my eyelid and blending it out with my ring finger. It blends very well and eyeshadow applies quite nicely over it. I constantly reach out for this one when I wear eyeshadow.

NYX eyeshadow base – skin tone

NYX Eyeshadow Base

This is a cream sort of eyeshadow base; it is very soft and easy to apply. It is very similar in colour to the Essence base, just a different form. It blends and holds the eyeshadow very well; it gets as much use as the Essence base.

My favourite eyeshadow bases are definitely the Essence and the NYX bases. The texture of the LA Girl one makes it a least favourite of mine. My eyeshadow game absolutely went up a notch after I introduced these babies into my routine.

Eyeshadow bases swatches

Do you use eyeshadow bases? Which ones are your favourite?

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  1. Lebo

    I have never tried but definitely will… Thanks for the tip X.O

  2. Katleho

    I’ve always wanted to try out the Essence I love stage one, now that I’ve read this, I’ll be sure to give it a try! 🙂 I thought I was the only one who didnt wear eye shadow everyday, I just don’t find enough time in the morning! LOL!

    Great post! 🙂

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Katleho! Eyeshadow can be sooo time consuming.
      Definitely try the Essence one, I know that they have another version now in their range.

  3. Simone

    I quite like the Essence eye shadow base! Will try to get my hands on the NYX one though as I’m running low now.

    Thanks for the review, won’t waste my time on the LA Girl one then.

    1. Lungi

      I saw that LA girl also has a beige one now – it might work better than the white. Thanks for the comment

  4. Asanda Cele

    Im looking for a good eyeshadow thanks for the review 🙂

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