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In my previous travel post, I wrote about how my sister and I used to go to island holidays back in the day. We also decided to venture out to the spice island: Zanzibar for a 5 day stay in November 2012. We chose Zanzibar because it’s close to SA and we got a very good deal. We were on an all inclusive deal which meant that our accommodation, meals, drinks were paid upfront. I found this to be so awesome because we didn’t need to worry about paying for food etc., we could just use our money for extra excursions and shopping.

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For the past 5 days I have been on the second annual Sisterhood Weekend Island Getaway (SWIG), my sister and I went away to Zanzibar, we booked a package through Africa Stay. We flew on 1time airline direct to Zanzibar Airport, upon arrival to Zanzibar, it was pouring rain but humid as coastal KZN in December. As we drove towards the resort which is 1 hour away from the airport the weather became better and cleared up.


Spice island Zanzibar

The resort we were based at was called Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar which is awesome, I loved the experience of staying there, it was truly a 5 star experience, the resort has everything one can imagine. I mostly loved the food, I am a very fussy eater and I get scared when I travel outside South Africa because I always think that I will not enjoy the food in that particular country. But I can vouch for the food at the hotel, I guess Zanzibar is known for the spices so I  shouldn’t have been worried.

Amongst the activities we did was a tour of a spice plantation where were given a tour of all the spices that they grow there including pepper, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla and many more. The most interesting thing we saw was this guy who they call the butterfly man who climbs palm trees all the way to the top nje just using his arms and legs. He also broke open a coconut for us so we could drink the juice – but I could only have a little sip, it didn’t taste so good.



Every night at dinner at the hotel they had some sort of entertainment for us, this was for us the highlight of the trip, on our first night there was a band playing harmoniously in the background. The second and third night entertainment was traditional Zanzibar dancers, the last night’s act was my personal favourite, we had Massai warriors doing their traditional dance for us, that was so interesting because I had never seen it live. After the dancing we had a chance to chat with the warriors, and they were such cool guys.

Maasia warriors


My sister showing this guy her jumping skills

I could go on and on about Zanzibar, it was truly a magical experience that my sister and I shared. I recommend Zanzibar for everyone.

Asante sana Zanzibar.


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  1. Becca

    coconut water is an acquired taste i tell you 🙂 I hope you had a chance to have seafood at the night stalls in stone town! I would go to Zanzibar any time again.

    1. Lungi

      aaahhh! we totally didn’t explore Stonetown – that’s why I need to go back there soonest

  2. kgomotso

    Now i really want to go to zanzi. got to start saving. love the blog lungi

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