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This month was fairly uneventful when it came to my hair, I have been protective styling for nearly the whole month. I did not do much to my actual hair, it was well hidden under the crochet braids. This was my first protective style since going natural, I must say that I am pretty proud of myself for keeping the PS on for 5 and a half weeks. I did miss my hair terribly towards the end and I was itching to uninstall. April Hair Goals Review

  • Keep crochet braids for the whole month yes, yes and yes! I undid them on the 27th of April
  • Wash day every 2 weeks not done, I only had 1 wash day after 3 weeks
  • Scalp massage with oil mix and moisturise every other day I was very diligent with this one at the beginning, but not so much towards the end 

Wash Days
I had 2 wash days this month – for my crochet braids wash day, I followed the same procedure as when I had braids in my hair, and it transferred well. My wash day after taking out the crochet braids was a clarfiying and protein treatment wash day. I always do this kind of wash day before and after a protective style.

Protective Style Review
My protective style yielded good results for my hair, I have retained some length while I had it on for the 5.5 weeks. I did assess my hair after taking it off and it didn’t seem like there was any ‘side effects’. There are a few things I would change when I do it again like: the braid pattern and the type of hair I use – I want to try out other styles.

Best thing about my hair this month
I experimented somewhat with the crochet braids, I did a perm rod set which didn’t have good hold. I then did a braid out which was awesome (see video here). Next time I have crochet braids, a braid out will be my preferred method to curl the hair.

Worst thing about my hair this month
I was a bit bummed about how I missed my scalp massages and moisturising my hair. I just got lazy towards the end of the month. This is one of the great pitfalls of protective styling, one tends to forget about taking care of their hair when it is hidden; I fell right into this trap!

Goals for May

  • I will not replace my sulphate-free shampoo when it runs out
  • Do a short-term protective style that will last me a week
  • Trim ends where necessary

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  1. Lebogang

    Scalp massages in general are quick to forget. Retaining length is the best part. How long till your next PS?

  2. Joie

    I like the way you are keeping tabs on your hair journey. Now that you mentioned it, I should trim my hair this May as well to get rid of split ends.

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