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I have gone from not buying new hair products for a couple of months now (only bought replacement products) to buying 3 new ones in 2 weeks. In my defense though, 2 of these products were the product types that were missing from my stash. I already had a blog post lined up to ask you guys to recommend these types of products that I could have bought. As fate would have it, I happened to find them at a salon and bought them on the spot, the other product was a total impulse buy. Read on to see what’s new in my hair products stash.

design essentials natural curl stretching creamOne product type which I though was missing from my arsenal was a creamy styler to use when I am doing twist outs and such. I came across this Design Essential product and I was immediately drawn to it. I haven’t been using it for too long, so I can’t do a review currently. All I can say is that is  smells delicious! It was a bit pricey at R196 – I will have to see if it is worth the price.

3 sisters cleansing co-wash

Another product which I have been looking for is a cleansing co-wash. I am moving towards only shampooing my hair once a month and doing more cowashes – so I needed to stock up on products that would cleanse but not strip my hair. I have used this product once, it provides great slip however I found that I had to use a lot of it to cover all my hair because it does not foam. I foresee at most 4 uses from this bottle. I bought it for R110.

i love my baby naturals detangling spray

This product was a total impulse buy! I went into Jumbo over the weekend looking to buy hair extensions. I trawled the hair products aisle to see what’s new and I came across this product and I was immediately drawn to it. It’s a detangling spray designed to soften hair, melt away tangles and all those good things. I have since used it once on my last wash day. At R38 – it was a steal!

Which hair product types are missing from your stash? 

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  1. Lebogang

    Please do a detailed review on all three.

  2. Tshego

    I think I must just follow and stop binge dropping in

    1. Lungi

      do the right thing Tshego! lol 🙂

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