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It’s the end of the month and it’s time for my hair update for may 2016. After having my hair locked away in a protective style for 5.5 weeks, I was very excited to have it out this month. I had racked up a long list of styles/techniques that I wanted to do with my hair and I couldn’t wait to get to doing all of them. I did experiment quite a bit and my hair suffered with all the manipulation that came with the experiments, I need to be more careful next time.

May Goals Review

  • I will not replace my sulphate-free shampoo when it runs out my shampoo didn’t run out because I didn’t use it, I cowashed for most of the month. I am planning to use it up definitely in June.
  • Do a short-term protective style that will last me a week yes! I managed to do 1 style that lasted me a week and a few others that lasted 2-3 days.
  • Trim ends where necessary eish yah…this did not happen.

Wash Days

I only did cowashed my hair this month, I did do my end of month clarifying shampoo & protein treatment combo as well. My hair has responded well to cowashing so far, it feels so soft after wash day, I am loving it! I will carry on with cowashing for now. I bought a product specifically for cowashing – in the past I had just used normal conditioner, I plan to review it after I’ve used it a few times.

Failed wash and go attempt
So I was keen to try a wash and go on my hair and I did exactly that. It unfortunately failed, my hair was flat as a pancake and the gel that I used left white flakes. I should have known better because I had used that gel before and I know that one has to be very light handed when using it. I will keep on trying though until I get it right. In the photo below, my hair was still drying after I had applied the gel. I didn’t use a blowdrier to dry or stretch the hair.

wash and go on short natural 4c hair

Best thing about my hair
I can now tie my hair into a top pony (when stretched), hey now! This mew revelation led me to rocking styles using added Marley hair. It was such a treat, I’m happy to have reached this milestone.

Worst thing about my hair
I experienced some more than normal breakage after the failed wash and go. I didn’t have time to wash my hair so I was stuck with gel in my hair and the white flakes for a week. After my clarifying and protein treatment wash day, my hair returned to normal and all was right again in my world.

June Goals

  • Install a protective style
  • Keep my protective style through the month
  • Scalp massages twice a week

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  1. Lebogang

    Great hair goals, you will achieve them. Which oils are you going to use for the scalp massages?

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Lebogang 🙂 I use a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil and some essential oils

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