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I am getting better and better at this flat twist out business, Lordt knows I have been trying. With my current hair length, I can only rock a flat twist out as a fro, but I like the definition and the softness that it gives my hair. I have been rocking it this week and I filmed a video of how I did the hairdo.  

I feel like the following tips and tricks have helped me to up my flat twist out game:

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  • Detangling It is of utmost importance to ensure that your hair is properly detangled prior to starting to flat twist, I finger detangle and I find it sufficient.
  • Technique I’ve recently learnt how to flat twist my hair, I found that as my technique has become better, so have the results. If you are the OG of flat twisting, then this doesn’t matter much. It’s mainly for those who are still learning, my advice is practice, practice, practice and watch more tutorials
  • Products So so so important in this whole thing, you want products that will keep your hair moisturised and will also provide hold for your twist out.
  • Time The longer you keep the flat twists, the more defined the results. I unfortunately haven’t been able to keep the flat twists for longer than overnight.


 Click below to check out my flat twist out tutorial…

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  1. Lebo

    Dude!! You Fro is looking delicious hey!! your hair is growing…

  2. Mapaseka

    You have beautiful hair.

    1. Lungi

      thanks KLP! I have been practicing hard and watching tons of tutorials

  3. cleo allen

    I have just come across your blog. Your hair looks really nice and healthy. I find that if the hair is still damp when it is twisted, then the hair is more defined when it has dried and is undone. Thank you for your videos.

    1. Lungi

      Hi Cleo, thanks for the comment. I will try to dampen my hair next time.

  4. Nomvuyo

    This is my ultimate favorite style since my hair is still quite short and not as versatile as longer hair. I’ve always been able to do my own hair so its quite easy for me.I use a little bit of mousse on slightly damp hair(after wash and leave-in conditioner). I usually flat twist about six rows and to keep the flat twists for longer than overnight,I wear a headwrap the following day and in that way they come out better. Another trick for a similar outcome is using perm rods. Instead of putting the perm rods the traditional way (row by row),I would section hair in blocks and add the perm rods per block. For my head,about 12 blocks give me good results. Downside of using permrods is that they are not easy to disguise in a headwrap like flat twists.

    1. Lungi

      Thanks for the perm rods tip! I will try it out when my hair is long enough, I loved using perm rods on my relaxed hair. I agree, the longer you keep the flat twists, the better the results. I haven’t been able to keep them longer than overnight though, bad planning on my side

  5. Meg

    Lady, you have the BEST smile 🙂

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