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I have been seeing this Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder on a number of South African beauty blogs especially those run by black women and on Instagram. It  received mostly good reviews when being used to as an under-eye, forehead, chin and bridge of nose highlighter; so obviously I had to check it out for myself and see what the fuss what about.

I have been using this powder for a month now – let’s say maybe 3 times a week (I don’t wear makeup everyday). I use it along with the LA Girl Concealer in Toffee.

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What I liked about it is that it is not stark white; so it blends better with my skin and it also gives control of how ‘popping’ you want the highlight to be. I have translucent powders in my makeup stash which I bought a while ago for the purposes of highlighting which where just too white for my brown skin.

yardley absoulte transluscent loose powder

The one issue I have with these types of powders is that they are not travel friendly; unless you pack cotton pads in it to prevent the powder from getting all over the place. I would definitely buy a compact version of this powder if it were available.

yardley absoulte transluscent loose powder

I love using this powder, it is worth the hype and the price aint too shabby either. I can foresee it lasting me for years and years!

The Yardley Absoulte Transluscent Loose Powder can be purchased from Clicks R139.95 and from Dischem R129.95

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  1. Vuyelwa

    I’ve been wanting to buy this powder as well yaz. Some translucent powders leave that ‘whitish’ dusty film…does it do the same or blend in (like become invisible)? And does the matte finish last long?

    1. Lungi

      This is the best transluscent powder that I’ve used thus far, I’ve tried out the essence one and the LA Girl one and they did leave a film. This one blends in well with the skin, I think the fact that it’s not white counts. The matte finish lasts longer than the face powder that I use. I find that I don’t have to blot the areas where I put on this powder through the day

  2. Katleho

    Ahhhhh, this was honestly one of my favourite buys this year! This stuff is AMAZING shem! its amazing!! <3

    Good buy and great post!!! Vele, you couldn't NOT do one on this product!

    1. Lungi

      hehehehehe, it is a very great product! Thanks for sharing it with us, otherwise I would’ve never known about it.

  3. Mvumikazi

    I have this powder on trial. Revlon vs melanin. Its passed 2 out of my 3 tests now. Just need to finish these exams and post this review.

    Mvumikazi | URBAN MNGUNI |

    1. Lungi

      hopefully it will pass the final test! all the best for your exams… kick ass!

  4. Pearl

    Lungi do you have instagram

  5. Asanda Cele

    Have you tried the black opal setting powders?

    1. Lungi

      No, I haven’t tried the yet but I’ve heard that they’re good

  6. Rukhai

    I’ve read all over that it is a white powder and some say it has a pinkish colour powder which is it and also is it close to the Revlon translucent 2 loose powder as I cant find the Revlon and that is a pinkish nude powder but done some research with good reviews on Yardley is the absolute translucent loose powder a fairly compatible substitute or close enough colour to the Reclon translucent 2Thank you

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