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My current most embarrassing thing in my life is my watch that is falling apart, and I have been lazy to replace it. You know that point when something is broken but not broken enough that it is falling apart, that is where I am at with the watches either in my life. I have another 2 that have dead batteries and are gathering dust. So this offer from Daniel Wellington came right on time (excuse the pun)!

My watch style is simple and stylish. I like a clean face i.e. not a lot of numbers (side note: my niece once asked me: “Aunty, how can you tell the time on your watch because it doesn’t have any numbers”…bless her soul).

daniel wellington nato strap watch south africa

I fell in love with this watch the minute I put my eyes on it, I let it just sit in the box that it came in for a day before I opened it; I would just periodically look at it – it seemed to pretty to touch. I chose one of their nautical straps – it has a very summer feel to it and it is different from the plain band watches that I usually go for. This particular one is the Classy Glasgow 34mm – if you are keen on twinning with me. 🙂

You can also get yourself a stylish Daniel Wellington watch, the brand offers a wide range of styles; so anyone can find one that they like. You can get yourself a 15% discount on this lovely watch by using the coupon code: bylungiDW – this offer is available for 7 more weeks from today. Daniel Wellington offers free worldwide shipping with any watch purchased, it took 1 week for the watch to get to me which is pretty impressive for any international purchase.

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  1. Katleho


    I have a post like this coming up as well this week. Loved the design you picked! It’s beautiful, whoop whoop!!! 🙂

    Great post! <3

    1. Lungi

      Can’t wait to see which one you got! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Lydz

    Lol I was just looking at my watch this morning and thinking i need to get a new one my straps are looking kinda suspect. I am a one watch at a time kinda girl and i prefer rectangular faces and leather straps. I have a silver watch that was gifted to me years ago that is still sitting in its case i may just have to sell it seeing as i may never wear it lol

    1. Lungi

      Giirrrl, sell that watch and get some money 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by Lydz

  3. zainab

    oh great!, i also have a daniel wellington wristwatch, mine is green

    1. Lungi

      Nice! They’re such nice watches right?

  4. Ika

    Arg, just bought a new watch literally a week ago. Eish missed out on the discount.

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