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After using this cleanser for 3 months, I feel that I am finally in the position to review it. This is the first time I have owned and used a facial cleanser. I wear makeup pretty often during the week and I am obsessed with removing  every trace of makeup from my face in the evening. So I decided to try out this Sorbet Facial Cleanser.

 The facial cleanser comes with 3 brush heads, the hand held thing and the brush storage case.


The brushes are the sensitive silicone brush head, the daily cleansing brush head and the exfoliating brush head. While using them, I did not feel the difference between the daily cleansing and the exfoliating brush head – so I use them interchangeably.

Sorbet facial cleanser

The hand held thing is well designed and fits snuggly into my hand and is easy to move around the face.

Sorbet facial cleanser

After buying it, I used it for 2 months without having to charge it – which was great. The manual says that it can be used for 1 hour on a full charge. It comes with a USB recharging cord which is incredibly convenient.

For cleaning the brushes, I use a mixture of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda and rub the facial cleanser on it for about 20 seconds, I then run it under warm water to remover the cleaning mixture and then leave the brushes to air dry.

This facial cleanser is now a staple in my night routine, and it will stay there! I really love what it does and how it works. I bought the Sorbet Facial Cleanser for R239 at Clicks.

UPDATE: I wrote this post after using this product for 3 months, it worked well over those months. Recently, I am finding that even if I charge it fully, I can only get about 3 uses out of it before I need to recharge it. This is extremely frustrating and thus I have since stopped using it. I might take it back to the shop for a refund.

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  1. Uviwe

    Hello, I’d like to know how your skin improved whilst using this product?

    1. Lungi

      Hi Uviwe, I didn’t really see much of an improvement when I used this cleanser

  2. Bongwa

    I would like to know which clicks has this product in store?

    1. Lungi

      You can check the Clicks online store for stockists.

  3. Cathlene

    My brush doesnt want to charge after the second time using it

    1. Lungi

      I think you should send it back to the shop for a refund. Mine eventually stopped working and I threw it out.

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