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I have settled nicely into my protective style routine for the winter and I intend to keep with it until the spring. This way, I get to have my hair hidden several weeks and I give myself 2-3 weeks off to enjoy my hair and style it to my heart’s content until I have to hook up another protective style. I think what is making it easier for me is that I can now do crochet braids by my damn self (one of the best things to come out of 2016 thus far), that cuts out the headache of going to find a hairstylist. Let’s see what my hair was up to in July.

I didn’t wash my hair for 5 weeks
I really didn’t mean to let it be that long, see when I had my crochet braids, I just could not find the time to wash my hair. I only wash my hair over a weekend if it’s in a protective style, and my weekends were so filled that I just didn’t find the time. Luckily, my hair didn’t suffer – I made sure that it was amply moisturised. I also took extra care when I was taking it down and detangling. Will I do it again? I think so, because I didn’t really see any bad side effects on my hair.

I tried out new products
Even though one of my hair goals for this year was to pin down my staple products, it doesn’t hurt to try out new things every now and then. I was sent 2 products from The Curl Company. You can read about my first impressions of the products.

Best thing about my hair this month
Me and week long protective styles are like (insert President Zuma’s 2 fingers meme), lol. After taking out my protective style, I had my hair out for 3 weeks and in 2 of those weeks, I did a protective style during the work week. I am quite happy that my hair is long enough that I can fashion some sort of weekly style.

flat twists on 4c hair south african hair blogger

Worst thing about my hair this month
I literally cannot think of anything, my fro has been well behaved. I on the other hand need to stop being scissor happy. I snip my hair at almost every washday *gasp* – even though I am seeing some length retention, snipping every wash day can’t be good for my hair. I need to stop it!

Hair goals for August

  • protective style for the whole month
  • scalp massages at least twice a week

4c natural hair african threading

This is after a threading session to create the flat twists look in the 1st picture. My ‘fro is coming along very nicely!

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  1. Lebogang

    Yas, yas your hair grows really fast. I see you also perfected the flat twist.

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Lebogang 🙂 – I’ve been practicing the flat twist and getting better and better

  2. Lebo Kuty

    It really is and your hair is growing at a very impressive rate! Good Work Lungi

  3. Becca

    That’s a cute hairstyle Lungi… Why are you snipping your hair?

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Becca
      I cut off the knots and any single strand knots that I come across when I am detangling

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