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Running a blog while having a full time job can be overwhelming at the best of times. It sometimes feels like I am juggling 1000 balls at once and they are all up in the air. The great thing is that in our modern world with the technology that we have, clever people have come up with apps to help with balancing blogging and work life. In this post, I share my favourite apps that I use to help me run my blog more efficiently.

I use Canva for all of my blog graphics, be it text overlays on pictures, creating Youtube thumbnails and the informative bits of knowledge that I drop now and again. Canva is pretty easy to use and self-explanatory, there is a lot of free items and others that you pay for as well. Since starting using it, I have been able to get away with just using the free items. Canva is available on iPhones now –  nothing on Android yet.

Google Keep
This is where I keep all my blog notes, my to do lists, my hashtags for instagram, my wash day routine and everything else. The best thing about this app is that it syncs on all your devices, so I always have all my latest notes at hand on whichever device I am using.

WordPress app
This app is like having my blog on my phone, I can complete tasks like replying to comments, editing posts etc. It is a very nifty app to have, you can actually use it to write up whole blog posts.

The best thing about the gmail app is that I can have all my emails from all my different email addresses coming to one place. So I get my gmail accounts (I have a few of those) and even my blog e-mail. One of the things I like about the app is that it groups e-mails into categories so that you won’t get notifications for some, less important categories.

I use this app on my phone for adding text to my pictures for instagram and also to do a bit of editing on my pictures like cropping, brightness etc.

Samsung Smart Camera app
This is the best app for transferring pictures wirelessly from my camera to my phone so that I can upload to my social media. I have started taking most of my pictures on my camera (the quality is better) to add on my instagram, blog etc. this app helps so that I don’t have to plug my camera into my laptop and then transfer the pictures to my phone – as this is very cumbersome!

Which apps help you to blog better?

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    1. Lungi

      Thanks Uzo – I think the storage is linked to the overall google apps storage like gmail etc.

  1. Thato

    Thanks for this Lungi, very useful info! I’m starting my blog now and I need all the help I can get. Ps love your blog.

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Thato and thank you. All the best with your blog!

  2. Katleho

    Nice list of apps! I’m new to Canva and Fotor! Haven’t heard of them! Will do best to check them out.

    I love PIC.TAP.GO to edit my photos and VSCO as well. I have the wordpress app as well for the days when I know I need to schedule posts as I won’t have time to be clicking “publish” lol. I have the CANON app, which makes it so much easier to transfer blog photos from my camera to my phone… no laptop needed, which makes it great for my instgram blog posts. AfterLight is another one I use to edit my pics too.

    Loved this post! Definitely going to check out those two apps.

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