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I have been fully natural for just over 8 months now and I am finally at a place where I understand my hair and its needs. Add to this, my product junkie ways are nearly over – I have pinned down my staple hair care products and I use them interchangeably each wash day dependent on my hair needs. So as a time stamp in history and to give you guys who have asked a glimpse into my hair care products – I filmed a video detailing my current hair care products and my regimen

 In the video I show all the hair care products that I have been using regularly for the past 4 months – so you guys know that these are my staples, my go tos, my day ones. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Rea

    I just started reading this blog today. I was texlaxing for about a year, possibly longer until I went to a hair salon last year (I had completely boycotted them) and my stylist recommended that I stop. It has been a year since and I still don’t know my hair. I am so inspired by your blog and how you rave about moisture (that which I don’t have). I’m keen to try some of the products you use. I suspect my downfall is my wash days.

    1. Lungi

      Thank you for the kind words Rea – I’m happy that I am able to inspire you through my journey. I will be back soon sharing more of my hair experiences!

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