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A store like Legit is not one where I typically buy my makeup; I have seen their makeup collections, however, I have never even thought of trying any of their products out… until now. I saw mentions of this Legit Bronzing Powder floating around on my Twitter timeline a few weeks ago – FOMO immediately grabbed me and I knew I had to get it. I was lucky enough to find it at the first Legit store that I looked and at R29.99, it is a steal!

Let me start by saying that if you are one of those people who like a subtle highlight, this product is not for you. The gold bits have such pigmentation that once you have applied it, your cheekbones will be visible from outer space.
Legit bronzing powder

Even though it says that its a bronzing powder, I have been using is as a highlight. I did notice that the gold portion of the powder is a very thin layer, and underneath that is the flesh tone powder which still has a subtle shimmer.


I first started using a fan brush to apply this product, but I found that a fan brush dispersed it way too much and I ended up with gold particles all over my face… not a good look. I have since switched over to using a fluffy, pointy eye brush which gives me excellent precision and places the product exactly where I want it. The brush I am currently using is the Beautique Eye Crease Brush.


I’ve been wearing this highlighter exclusively since I bought it, I am in love with it! It has great staying power throughout the day. I definitely recommend it – and the price point can’t be beat.


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  1. Lebo Kuty

    The way I loooooove pigmented highlighting! I will definitely give this product a try thank you for sharing

  2. Sonetta

    Where can I purchase this bronzing powder?

    1. Lungi

      I bought it at Legit many years ago

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