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This is the type of product that I had been looking for to add into my hair products stash since March when I decided that I want to start co-washing more than shampoo-ing my hair. What drew me to it was the fact that it’s a cleansing co-wash so that meant that it had some cleaning properties which for me is a plus, because I  find that sometimes just co-washing with conditioner doesn’t actually ‘clean’ your hair and can lead to product build-up.

Name III Sisters of Nature Cleansing Co-Wash with Avocado Extract

Price R110 for 296 ml

What they say Co-washing your hair is the best daily treatment to obtain strong, conditioned tresses. Rich and buttery, avocados are full of natural oils and protein that will restore moisture to dry hair, making it stronger and more flexible. III Sisters of Nature Avocado Co-Wash is infused with avocado extract which contains B vitamins, beta-carotene, copper, vitamin E, vitamin C, and healthy fats. When used regularly, you will notice hair that has improved manageability, less breakage, and more curl definition. Gentle enough for daily use.

Ingredients Deionized Water (Aqua), Shea Butter (Butyrospemum Parkii), Avocado Oil, Glycine Soja ( Soybean Oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Pectin, Corn Glucose, Soy Bean Oil (Glycine Soja), Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, (Vitamin E), Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

How to use Rinse hair thoroughly for a minimum of 3 minutes to life impurities. Dispense a generous amount of III Sisters of Nature Avocado Co-Wash into hands and begin to work through hair from root to ends. Although product will not lather, it is important to make sure every strand of hair is covered. Continue to massage through hair for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Proceed with III Sisters of Nature Curling Gelo, Spiral Pudding or Lengthening Creme depending on your desired style

How I used it Exactly as prescribed in the directions, although I proceeded using my other products once I had rinsed this one out of my hair

My thoughts This product worked well my hair, it gave great slip and my hair felt soft after using it. The product smell does linger a fair bit after using it. Because the product does not lather, I found that I had to apply a lot of the product to cover all my strands. This means that I could get a maximum of 4 uses per bottle – and as my hair grows, this number will decrease.

Worth the purchase? I am on the fence about this one, even though the product works very well, the amount of uses that I will get from one bottle is a worrying factor. If it was a deep conditioner, I would definitely consider it, but as a quick rinse out product, it’s too expensive for me. I will not be buying it again.

III sisters of nature cleansing co-wash

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  1. Lebo Kuty

    Thank you for the review Lungs, Where do they sell it?

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome. I bought this at Candi and Co – not sure where else it’s sold

  2. Mvumikazi

    Thanks for the honest review babes. These fees have not fallen, we can’t be pitches spending shmoney on things we can’t maximise on. Maybe when I worth I’ll get it as a nice life problem.

    Mvumikazi | URBAN MNGUNI

  3. Ika

    Every now and then, I like to spurge on products from home. Your review has convinced me to ask my sister to ship this product for me. Cheers for the honest review

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome πŸ™‚

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