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Spring is knocking! Yay for the new season! I have not done much to my hair this month, I have been on a low manipulation roll. I have had moments when I have missed my hair so much and thus I am planning to have my hair out for a few weeks once I take the protective style out. Let’s see what else hair-wise has happened with my hair this month.

Current hair products
I filmed a video detailing the products that I currently use for maintaining my hair. It’s like a time stamp to see where I am currently at and will help me to track changes in my hair care practices as time progresses. I think I am finally where I want to be in terms on my hair care products. I do not have a lot of the same type and each product I have is used regularly. I think my product junkie ways are finally healed.

crochet braids soft dread

Protective style
I’ve had a protective style for most of the month – no prizes that it is crochet braids again – I am obsessed! I have become much better at taking care of the hair, I moisturise at least twice a week and massage castor oil on my scalp once a week. I am planning to keep the style on for a total of 5.5 weeks, so I have another 1.5 weeks to go.

Where are all the pictures?
I have realised that I do not have a lot of good quality pictures while wearing my hair out. I usually just snap some selfies on my phone and that’s it. Recently, I was asked to provide quality pictures and I only had only a few to choose from *whomp whomp*. I realised that I mostly take pictures with my camera when I have a protective style on and hardly ever with my natural hair. This has to change!

Going grey
I want to try out crochet braids for my next protective style, I am quite keen on grey braids which have been the rage as of late. I was advised to go for the ombre look just to dabble into the colour world – I think that this is an awesome idea. The braids might have to be longer than intended but it’s OK.

Goals for September

  • Start preparing my twists for my next protective style
  • Enjoy wearing my hair out
  • Take more pictures!

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  1. Lebo Kuty

    All the best on your goals Lungs! and well done for the good work done on your hair.

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