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Keeping ones edges in check / on fleek is a never ending struggle for most naturals, whether you want a soft hold or a ‘edges-laid-to-the-gawds’ look. I have gone through my fair share of edge tamers and in this post I will go through the ones that I currently have in my product stash and tell you my feelings on them.

ORS Edge Control

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control
This is the first edge tamer that I bought very early on it my hair journey. I find it to be quite solid – this makes it hard to apply and distribute through the hair. For these reasons, I have not used in a loooong while – it is just sitting there and gathering dust.

Easy Waves Edge Tamer

Easy Waves Edge Tamer
A friend recommended this product to me, she had been using and loving it. I used it quite heavily at the beginning of the year. Using it with a toothbrush did wonders for my edges. What I liked most was that you can almost choose the type of hold you want by using a little bit or a lot of product.

The Curl Company Styling Crème-Gel*

The Curl Company Styling Creme Gel
This is my current love – I use this gel almost exclusively now. It gives a soft hold and is more crème than a gel, if you get what I mean. I have to be careful not to use too much because it does leave a residue if I get heavy handed with the product.
EcoStyler Professional Styling Gel (Argan Oil)

Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel

I must admit that I’ve only used the Eco Styler Gel once, I did like how it performed though. It gave my hair the most long lasting hold out of all the other gels that I have used. I might just try doing a wash and go with it, even though I swore off wash and gos a few months ago.

Which products do you use as edge tamers?

*this product was sent to me

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  1. Lebogang

    What do you use the eco styler with, the last time I used the tamer was last year when I was so obsessed with layed edges, but it left my hair with so mush residue I had to wash my hair the next day.

  2. Lebo Kuty

    I have the Moroccan oil one and another one I forgot the name I also had the DE one but it did some wird stuff

    1. Lungi

      oooh yes, I remember that from your video

  3. Becca

    Yess to Eco Styler! I’ve tried creme of nature as well but I didn’t like how thick it was. Eco styler blended in well with my hair and I use it for flexi rod sets as well

    1. Lungi

      I am liking EcoStyles as well from the few times that I’ve used it. Can’t wait to explore the other possibilities

  4. Joie

    Edge controls never seem to work for my hair. I once tried Eco styler & tied my edges with a scarf for sleek effect, it didn’t work. I bought African pride curling custard, but it was flaky. I’m still waiting for the “miracle” edge control.

    1. Lungi

      That sucks Joie, however there are a lot of edge controls out there, you are bound to find one that works for you.

  5. I’ve used the Eco Styler and ORS gels before. I didn’t like the ORS one because it leaves build up. Eco styler is okay. I’ve all but given up on sleeked edges. Mine revert so quickly. 🙁

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