taking stock 007

Welcome to the spring 2016 edition of my taking stock posts – I can’t believe that I’m doing the 7th edition already. You can catch up on my previous taking stock posts here. I love going through them to see where my mind was at certain points in my life. I hope you guys enjoy the bit of insight into my life that these posts bring… let’s do this!

Cooking more and more these days – I took a dip and started to eat more fast food. I am finally back on track

Drinking less cappuccinos than I was in the past – I think I am over them

Reading Summer with my sister by Lucy Diamond – it’s awesome to get lost in an easy book sometimes

Looking forward to what will be one of the best days ever!

Playing the same music over and over again. I can’t find new music that I like

Wishing for a million dollars

Enjoying feeling like myself again

Waiting to exhale 🙂

Liking being on Snapchat – it’s my favourite app/social media currently. It keeps me entertained

Wondering if my hair will ever make it to a nice and lush afro puff #goals

Loving my brows at the moment – I have finally found my ultimate brow products and technique

Hoping that all the planning works out

Needing to listen to my body and rest when I am tired, no use in trying to be superwoman

Smelling lavender incense that I am currently burning

Feeling mostly overwhelmed at times, which in turn makes me procrastinate even more

Wearing more flat shoes than usual – hello summer sandals

Noticing that I haven’t exercised for the most part of this year, major fail on my part

Thinking about different designs for dresses – I’ll be at a couple of weddings soon

Bookmarking all of my favourite podcasts and this video I filmed with Lebo, it makes me smile all the time 🙂

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  1. Simpz

    ‘Playing the same music over and over again. I can’t find new music that I like’ I’m a culprit of this as well like there isn’t any good new music being released…

    1. Lungi

      we are creatures of habit sis!

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