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Another month end, another hair update; in September, I had my hair out for most of the month – which had its pros and cons. I tried out some new haircare products and also managed to do some weekly styling with my lover hair. The longer my hair is getting, the better it is to style – I like this alot! Let’s see what else happened to my hair in September. 

September goals review

  • Start preparing my twists for my next protective style not even – I’ve been so lazy! Will start soonest
  • Enjoy wearing my hair out yes I did! 
  • Take more pictures! yes! yes! yes! 

natural hair red lipstick

Wash Days
My wash days were pretty uneventful this month, I did do a Dark and Lovely Au Naturale range wash day and I blogged about the wash days steps like I used to do last year. I have been doing ‘no comb’ wash days and they’ve been going very well. Overall, in my natural hair journey – I have been using combs less and less, I did not think that this was possible.

It’s my hair tag
I did the it’s my hair tag with Lebo – we filmed it for her Youtube channel. So head on over there if you want to check out my answers to this tag.

threading 4c natural african hair

Weekly styling
I have managed to do 2 rounds of styling my hair for the week. This is such a lifesaver because: 1. I do not manipulate my hair during the week; 2. I save time in the morning; 3. My hand in hair syndrome is curtailed; 4. My hair stays stretched and I don’t have to worry about tangling. As my hair grows longer, I think weekly styling will become much easier. Do you guys have any ideas of other weekly styles that I can try?

Crochet braids – box braids
I am super tired of having to make time to wash my hair on the weekends now. The next month or so is going to be super busy for me especially the weekends, so I don’t want to have to set time aside to do my hair. I will be protective styling the usual way 🙂 – crochet braids. This time though, I will be doing actual braids. I will be making the braids myself instead of buying them pre-twisted. It’s going to be very experimental – if you guys want me to film the process, let me know and I will gladly do so. And pray for me while you’re at it.

October hair goals

  • Do a wash and go
  • Install protective style

mickey mouse buns 4c natural hair

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  1. Lebo Kuty

    yes please film it? as much as I can braid twisting is another story for me apparently there are rules??

    1. Lungi

      i’ll film it friend. It will also be my first time attempting to twist hair. it should be fun 🙂

  2. Bonolo

    Am I too late? Please film because I’ve had several failed attempts at braids

    1. Lungi

      Nope, you’re not late. I’m still prepping the braids. I’ll do the installation the weekend after this one.

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