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I was very excited for November to come along because, the end of November marks my 1 year anniversary rocking my natural hair! My hair has definitely grown since I big chopped, but I still feel like I am not at the length that I want to be. One of the downsides of big chopping earlier in your transition is that you have to work at retaining length. I feel that people who do long transitions retain more natural hair length because most of the damage occurs at the line of demarcation. Anyhoo, both methods of going natural have their pros and cons – no one way is perfect. 

November goals review

  • Moisturise my hair under my PS once a week yes! I managed to do this, and this time I even did scalp massages 
  • Have a PS wash day did not happen

Protective style

I kepy my twists crochet braids for just under 1 month. The hair do kept in shape quite well, however I was getting a bit of hair growth around the part and that section was starting to look old. The style did serve its function of being super low maintenance and thus saving me time in the mornings and over the weekends. I did not manage to do a wash day with the braids on because I kept them on for so short.

Humidity won’t let me be great

After having the braids out, I stretched out my hair using the threading method; I then wore it in a pony and did a top knot using Marley hair. In the middle of the week, I wanted to jazz up the style, so I took a portion of hair in the front and did a twist out. My twist out was cute for all of 2 minutes and then humidity hit it and I could see it shrinking in front of my eyes *sob*. The moral of the story is that, until my hair is long enough – I will not waste my time on twist outs that shrink in no time.

twist out bang on 4c natural hair

1 year natural

I haven’t gotten a chance yet to do a length check for my 1 year natural milestone, I am going to do it soonest. I am also going to put up a video on my YouTube channel where I my hair progression through this past year – so look out for that.

Ke Dezember

I’ve always been a fan of having a ‘Dezemba’ hairstyle to tide me over the festive season. I did a poll on my Twitter account and asked which hairstyle I should rock; the results were definitely in favour of ombre braids. I have been researching easy ways to do box braids; there are some interesting methods out there but I really don’t feel like spending hours doing my hair. So instead, I am going to crochet the ombre extensions and rock them like that. Let me know if you are keen on me doing a video tutorial of how I achieve the hairstyle.


December hair goals

  • Do a length check
  • Install the ombre hair

This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Bonolo

    Yes please to ombre braids and yes please to a tutorial!

    1. Lungi

      Alright, I’ll film it 🙂

  2. Lebo Kuty

    Congratulations on you one year anniversary friendo! I think your hair has flourished beautifully and looks healthy! here is to many more years!

  3. Diapeng

    Yes please, I enjoy those tutorials. I’m thinking of doing box braids but the heat! Your hair looks great. Ay, shrinkage though, I feel like my hair isn’t growing at all.

    1. Lungi

      I’ll do the tutorial when I do the hairstyle. I feel you about the heat! I’ll try do the braids in such a way that I can be able to tie them up into a top pony

  4. Humidity! I tried a twist-out like that and my hair just frizzed up. Hopefully, a different styling product can help. Congrats on making it to 1 year natural. I look forward to the video.

    1. Lungi

      I’ll try using gel next time to combat humidity. Thank you Uzo – the video will be coming up next week

  5. Dineo Lekhanya

    Congrats one your 1 year anniversary. I think all naturals will agree when I say the first year can be challenging. Look forward to seeing that length check. Xo

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