hair update // january 2017 & looking back at 2016 hair goals

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It’s a new year – well it has been for the past month now :). In this time of the year, I like to set yearly goals for my hair and a general theme of what I want to do with my hair for the year, and for 2017 it won’t be any different. Although, this coming year I will have limited control of what my hair does because of my pregnancy and possible post partum shedding that I might experience – I still want to set some goals that will help me go through the phase as smoothly as possible. Along with that, in this post I will go through a bit of how my hair has been since my last hair update

2016 hair goals
Let me do a quick run down on the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of 2016 and whether I achieved them on not:

Pin down my staple products and stick to them as long as they are still working for me I am happy to say that I achieved this goal in 2017 – I wasn’t too experimental with products and I stuck with products which I knew worked for my hair. Of course, I did try new products here and there, but it wasn’t as excessive as before. Check out this video of my current hair products and regimen as from August 2016.

hair care products

Just let my hair be this will be a yes and no – I did try to let my hair be, but as it grew in length, letting in be meant having to deal with single strand knots. So I ended up having to thread it after each wash day – this was both time consuming and I think also quite damaging to my ends.

Carry on to use protective styling to my advantage I achieved this one – and the main plus was that I learnt how to install my own crochet braids. This helped me in being able to install protective styles quickly from the comfort of my home and also not having to pay anyone an arm and a leg for labour.

Crochet braids twists

Partake in hair challenges this was a dismal fail! I did not partake in any hair challenges in 2016, I must say though that the whole hair challenge buzz has died down; I haven’t seen a lot of people hosting them lately.

2017 hair goals
My main goal this year is length retention. Now that my hair is long enough, I can protect my ends by hiding them most of the time, this will definitely help me to retain length. I will also be using protective styling to help me retain length. It’s that simple folks!

2017 length check
I recently trimmed my ends, they were looking very raggedy and thin – not an overall good look for my hair. I am busy writing up a blog post about the ins and out of trimming 4c natural hair, so look out for that in the future. I did a length check for the purposes for documenting where I am right now. You can also check my 1 year natural video to see how my hair has grown over my 1st year being a naturalista.

4c natural hair length check south african hair blogger

Taking care of my hair over the holidays
I was particularly bad at taking care of my hair over December – I let it shrink to the maximum level of shrunkeness and also was very bad with my moisturising routine! I did do an intervention and luckily my hair sprung back to health again. You can check out the post on the hair intervention here.
Goals for February

  • Do more weekly protective styles
  • Cut down wash days to once every 2 weeks

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  1. Diapeng

    Thank you for keeping it real. You go onto youtube and see these amazing hair growths and wonder why your hair is growing so slow. Well, aint nothing wrong with my hair. Yoh, I’m struggling with knots. What do I do. I think I’m trimming too much because of this. Help!!!

    1. Lungi

      I totally understand you! I also used to side eye my growth when compared to others. But i’ve learnt to accept it as it is. I try to keep my hair stretched at all times to minimise the knotting, it seems to be working so far.

  2. Lebo Kuty

    Congratulations on the goals you achieved for 2016 friend! Thank you for the update

  3. Nosie

    Knots are a problem,very big problem.You end up cuttin most of your hair length.Glad you manage to keep your routine and that your hair is growin

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Nosie – knots are the work of the devil I tell you

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