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This is my first Taking Stock for 2017 – like I always say, I love doing these posts because they sort of put a time stamp on my life. I can always look back and see what was happening and how I was feeling at a certain point in my life. This version of taking stock will be quite pregnancy heavy, because it is one of the biggest things that is happening in my life right now and it is dominating every aspect of my life as I get closer to my due date.

Cooking nothing at the moment, I have no energy to make food. So I order most of my meals from MyChef or I try to make quick to prepare meals

Drinking a lot of water – it’s been so hot lately

Reading a lot of pregnancy related articles. I am finally at that stage where I want as much info as I can get

Looking like a whale, seriously. My growing stomach is throwing my shape way off

Playing Solange’s – A seat at the table; now that the hype has died down a bit, I am listening to the album

Wishing that Baby B was already here – I am ready!

Enjoying my pregnancy, people are being so nice to me, even strangers are super super nice; it’s amazing

Waiting anxiously for graduation! I finally will have my MSc; it’s crazy how my life has changed since I started this degree

Liking the many spa days that I have been spoilt to recently – it’s awesome to be pampered

Wondering which protective hairstyle to do for the first few weeks of my maternity leave. I am thinking of crochet braids or plaiting my hair and just rocking a wig when I go out of the house 

Loving all the kindness that has been displayed to me by people (strangers and those that I know)

Hoping for the weekend to get here – it’s Thursday afternoon currently… just one more day!

Needing a foot massage each day

Smelling all the things that don’t smell nice to me anymore. My sense of smell is back to being heightened at this stage of my pregnancy and some smells repulse me. I don’t even wear perfume anymore because the smell suffocates me.

Feeling anxious, excited, happy, scared all at the same damn time! Counting the weeks till Baby B is here

Wearing less and less makeup *shock horror*;  it’s been so hot and I’ve been so lazy in the mornings that I just can’t be bothered with makeup. I miss it very much though.

Noticing that my walk has turned into a waddle πŸ™‚ – I don’t walk like I used to anymore and it just came out of nowhere!

Thinking about taking a solo holiday/weekend away, I’m afraid that I’ve left it too late

Bookmarking a lot of labour and delivery videos – lol! And then Gabby from HeyGabster told me about a show called One Born Every Minute; I’ve been watching a lot of those as well

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  1. Diapeng

    Lol, this article left me in stitches. Just remembering my own pregnancy. When you’re nine months pregnant you’ll begging that baby to come. That’s when you literally sit with the calendar and count down the dates. All the best!

    1. Lungi

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am definitely at that phase now, I am ready to deliver this baby

  2. Lebogang

    I don’t know whats with pregnancy and funny smells, hang in there is a matter of time and you’ll be happy being reunited with your good old sense of smelling.

    1. Lungi

      I’m so ready for that to happen! And not want to throw up each time I smell my candles

  3. Simpz

    No no no NO solo holidays for you, ur too late. You don’t wanna give birth far from home…

    Pass your perfumes my way, chances are even after pregnancy you will no longer like them, you’ll have to start your stash all over again with new never used before fragrances *white lie*

    I can’t wait for Baby B to pitch, like nje I’m ready too :p

    1. Lungi

      Ok, ok sis – I will not go on any solo holidays. hhhhmmm – that white lie though! Lol!!

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