Pregnancy & postpartum: how my hair handled this phase of my life

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One of the worries that I had during my pregnancy was how it was going to affect my hair. I know, I know, it seems so trivial that whilst going through one of the most life changing experiences of my life, I was worried about my hair. Since starting my healthy hair journey, I had read about how pregnancy hormones affect hair growth and the devastating effects of postpartum shedding. That is why I was dreading this change from the beginning. I am currently about 8 weeks post partum, I don’t think that I have gone through the worst bits of postpartum shedding. However, in this post I want to share how my hair was during my pregnancy and how it is currently.

Firstly, you can check out my monthly hair updates during my pregnancy here; from June 2016 to February 2017.

No shedding
One thing I really noticed about my hair during pregnancy was that I did not experience a lot of shedding, actually my hair shedding was almost at 0. I started noticing this as soon as I knew that I was pregnant. This is one of the experiences that many women go through during pregnancy because of the pregnancy hormones. My hair was thicker due to this minimised shedding.

Edges on check
So due to my hair not shedding, this meant that my edges were thicker, which was a welcomed change. You guys know that I have struggle edges and I have lost hope in them, so I was happy to have thicker edges for several months in my pregnancy.

Protective styling for after the birth
I knew that I had to have a protective style for the first few weeks after giving birth, my hair was the last thing that I wanted to worry about during this crazy time. I opted for twists which I crochet braided to my hair. This style worked really well for me because it required minimal maintenance except for spritzing with my moisturising spray – I was quite lazy with this, I think that I only moisturised my hair not more than 5 times in 7 weeks *eek*. I installed this style the weekend before giving birth and I did it myself, lol – I really thought that I was superwoman towards the end of  my pregnancy. I did get a lot of growth during the time I had my protective style, it’s good to know that my growth hasn’t been affected.

pregnancy postpartum and natural 4c hair

First wash day
I had my first day after removing the protective style, it was a long process that took place over a couple of days. For this wash day, I chose products that were going to give my hair slip and also add moisture back into my hair. I took care when detangling my hair because it was not in a good state. Here is what went down on that wash day:

Postpartum shedding
I did experience shedding during my wash day, but I must say that I was expecting way more shedding than I experienced. The amount of hair that I shed was round about the same amount I was shedding pre-pregnancy. I did though experience more shedding around my edges *sob sob*, so my edges are back to where they were before and even worse. I must get back on a ‘get my edges back’ campaign. I did notice that most of the hair that I shed was very thin, wispy like hair – I don’t know what this means yet. I must mention that I am breastfeeding all day, every day – so this might affect my postpartum shedding. I will be monitoring my hair in the months to come.

how much is shed after pregnancy natural hair postpartum

Current hair state
As I mentioned, I am about 8 weeks postpartum – my hair is currently in flat twists just as an in between protective style because even though I am on maternity leave, I have zero time to attend to my hair on the daily. My hair is quite dry at the moment, as we are moving into winter, the humidity levels have dropped in coastal KZN and thus I have to take care to add moisture to my hair. I will keep on updating you as how my hair is doing during the postpartum period.

pregnancy postpartum and natural 4c hair

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  1. Whitney Novela

    Great post. Your hair is looking very healthy though. Don’t know how you managed not moisturizing more than 5 times in 7 weeks. Did your scalp not itch from dryness? Congratulations on your baby girl:-)

    1. Lungi

      Thank you Whitney.
      Nope, my scalp didn’t itch luckily πŸ™‚

  2. Lungile

    Hi Lungi. Do you know what’s happening with the Replenishing conditioner? It’s not readily available anymore. I once bought the extra large one at Jumbo Cash and Carry, last time I went there there was no stock

    1. Lungi

      Hey Lungile, I am in the same predicament! I have been searching for that extra large one for maybe 2 years now – I don’t think they make it in that size anymore, which is soooo sad! Now I just buy the normal sized one at Clicks/Dischem even though it’s not as cost effective as the bigger one.

      1. Lungile

        Hi Lungi. I bought it at one of the cash and carry shops here in Johannesburg last year, when I went back a couple of months later it was out of stock, I haven’t been able to find it since. I even called about 2 weeks ago. I get we have to stick with the small bottle for now

  3. Grace Botha

    Hi Lungi! Loving your website by the way – I just wanted to find out if you have tips on the best place to get the most natural looking crochet soft dreds in the area? Thanks in advance and massive congrats on your baby girl! πŸ˜€

    1. Lungi

      Thank you Grace; I unfortunately don’t have any information on crochet soft dreads

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