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When I heard news about the Jaclyn Hill palette in January, I just knew that I had to buy it when it launched. That date finally came along on the 21st of June which was the official launch date. The palette was sold out in 45 minutes, I was so happy to have been able to get my hands on one :). I have received questions about the intricate details of how I bought the palette and thus I have decided to write a post giving you guys all the details and the shipping times so you can get a feel for it in case you ever want to buy makeup from the US. I have also filmed a video of a makeup look I have created using the palette, peep it after the jump.

MorphexJaclynHill Palette

The palette is currently sold out but there is going to be a restock on 18 July at 5pm South African time.

What I bought from Morphe

  • Jaclyn Hill Palette ($38)
  • E18 round crease brush ($5.99)
  • E36 detailed crease brush ($4.99)
  • M433 pro firm blending fluff brush ($5.99)

Total $49.50 (I had a 5% discount voucher)

Shipping $7.95

Total $57.45 R784.43

I placed the order on 21 June and Morphe shipped my order on 28 June.

Getting it to South Africa

I used Aramex Global Shopper to get my parcel to SA – I’ve used them before in my last international haul, even though I wasn’t 100% happy with their service the first time, I didn’t know of another alternative and thus I used them again. I was much more happier about their service this time around. My parcel made it’s way to me via New York:

  • 05 July – arrived in New York
  • 07 July – arrived in Johannesburg
  • 08 July – arrived in Durban

Unfortunately, my package arrived in Durban on a Saturday, so I had to wait till Monday to get it. It was delivered to my place first thing in the morning on the 10th of July.

I paid R261.58 for shipping via Aramex Global Shopper, their usual shipping rate is R294 – I used a discount code.

In total, I paid R1046.01

You can check out the video where I do a makeup look using the palette. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t already.

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    Thank you for sharing how you buy internationally Lungs. It’s always such a hassle to shop international

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