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If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I like a bit of online shopping here and there when I have saved up some coins. While I don’t mind waiting 2 months plus for items that I buy from AliExpress, when I buy makeup from the USA I want my items delivered to me ASAP. In the past I have used this one shipping forwarding service and I wasn’t 100% happy with their service. So when the people from PostBox Courier contacted me and asked me to review their service, I was on board and ready to jump ship. I used this service to ship my September Boxycharm, read on to find out about Postbox Courier and to peep the contents of the September Boxycharm.

If you are not familiar with Boxycharm, it’s a beauty subscription service that sends 4-5 full size beauty products per month at a cost of $21, the items in the box are worth so much more though. I unboxed the August Boxycharm box over on my YouTube channel and you can check that out here.

Before I get into the business of revealing the contents of the September box, I will first let you guys know how I got my box shipped to SA using Postbox Courier. As a side note: Boxycharm only ships within the US and to Canada, so to get it to SA, you need to use a forwarding service.

I first registered for free on Postbox Courier and I received 6 personal postbox addresses from different countries that I could use. I then added the US address in my shipping details over at Boxycharm so that my box could be sent to that address. Here’s what happened next:

  • 13 September – I got a e-mail notice of shipment from BoxyCharm saying that my box had been shipped and was on its way to New York.
  • 13 September – I loaded a pre-parcel alert on Postbox Courier (you have to let them know that you are expecting a parcel) – all the details required on the alert were available on the Fedex tracking website, so it was pretty easy to fill in. I then received a confirmation email with all the pre-parcel alert details.
  • 14 September – my parcel arrived at the Postbox Courier warehouse
  • 15 September – I received mail from PostBox Courier alerting me that my parcel had arrived and giving me instructions on how to make the payment. Based on my parcel weight and size, I had to pay $27.50
  • 16 September – I made the payment via the website (*I received a shipping coupon from Postbox Courier in exchange for this blogpost)
  • 19 September – my parcel was delivered to my home

So it took Postbox Courier 5 days (including the weekend) to get my parcel from New York to my place in Durban. This is the first time that I have received such seamless international shipping ever, I was still waiting for Postbox Courier to email me and ask to provide the invoice for the items that I had bought, but that never happened. Even better is that I didn’t have to pay for custom fees. I totally recommend using Postbox Courier and I will carry on using them from here on out when I’m buying internationally.

So, let’s get into the contents of the September BoxyCharm…

September Boxycharm South Africa

The contents of the box were worth $131 – I filmed a video of the unboxing if you want to see the Boxycharm contents live and direct.

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  1. Lebo

    oh wow friendo it’s so seamless!! this is such great news and will also save us some big bucks on shipping when buying overseas

  2. Sam


    How do I go about ordering boxy charm via this method

    1. Lungi

      Hi Sam, ordering Boxycharm is separate from having it shipped via Postbox Courier.
      You can sign up for Boxycharm on their website and sign up to have it shipped here on the Postbox Courier website

  3. Marli

    Thanks for this post Lungi. I have used in the past and it has been a horrible process each and every time .
    Will definitely switch to Postbox Courier.

    1. Lungi

      Great Marli . Thanks for reading

  4. NS

    Hi Lungi. Do uou have to any pay cutom duty (sars)?

    1. Lungi

      Hi, I haven’t had to pay custom duties for any of my orders. I think it’s been the luck of the draw because I know of others who’ve had to pay for them.

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