6 months postpartum shedding update

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I haven’t written much about my hair on the blog recently, this is because I haven’t been doing much to my hair to really chat about here. If you didn’t know, I have been experiencing postpartum shedding for the past 4 months – basically my hair is a mess. In order to go through this phase as seamlessly as possible, I have chosen to keep my hair hidden under protective styles. My current protective styles of choice have been wigs and crochet braids, both are very simple to maintain and give me access to my hair. Read on to know a bit more about how my hair is doing.

Wash days
I only wash my hair once every 4 weeks now, that’s how often I change up my styles. I follow a simple wash day routine, I don’t have as much time for wash days as I used to have. To save me sone time, I have meshed my prepoo and instant conditioning steps, so now I prepoo using a conditioner as opposed to using coconut oil like I used to. I also split my wash day over 2 days, I prepoo, shampoo and apply deep conditioner in the evening, I keep the deep conditioner on overnight and then in the morning I rinse it out and apply my leave-ins and then stretch my hair using twists in preparation for the next style.

My hair pretty much stays in flat twists under protective styles, I plait my own hair because nobody other than my family gets to see my actual hair, so it doesn’t have to be 100% neat. I have fallen in love with wigs as a protective style, I love that I can take the hair off after work and on weekends. I am on the hunt for more wigs to buy and I also want to make my own, can’t wait!

Protective styling for post partum shedding
The various protective styles I’ve been rocking

I am happy to report that the shedding has reduced 🙂 – I think by the time my next wash day rolls along it will be back to normal shedding. I am so happy about this! I was really scared that I’d be those people who experience post partum shedding for for a year. I will be keeping a close eye on it over my next wash days, but I really think that the worst is over.

What about your edges though?
My edges were the most affected by the shedding, the hair just shed away. I am happy to report that the hair is starting to grow back, I am not expecting miracles because I didn’t have full edges to begin with. I have been massaging the area as often as I can and I’m treating it as gently as I can under the protective styles.

I am planning to protective style for the remainder of the year just ensure that the postpartum shedding is done. After that I am planning to trim my hair and start off 2018 with healthy hair and ends.

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  1. Sheerdee

    Don’t worry your hair will be back to its normal self soon. xo

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