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A common theme amongst women who are into this haircare thing is how much we don’t trust hairdressers with our hair. When I started learning about taking care of my hair back in 2012, the first thing that shocked me was how much most hairdressers were not knowledgeable about healthy haircare practices. I need to mention here that #notallhairdressers. This led me to keep away from salons for most of the time, and to learn how to do my own hair, so much so that the last time I went to a salon was 2 years ago :o. However when I heard about the launch of a new mobile hair salon in Durban, co-owned by a naturalista, I jumped at the chance to try out their services and treat myself to someone else (that knows what their doing) touching my hair.

I contacted the Ntokazi Natural Hair Salon team via their Facebook page and booked an appointment, they got back to me within a day confirming the appointment and they also asked for my e-mail address so they could send me a pre-treatment form do fill in. I received the form via e-mail a few days later in which they were asking a few questions about my hair, including what I thought my hair type was and my hair goals. A nice touch was a question asking what I would like to drink during my session – I promptly ticked “bubbles” :).

Ntokazi Natural Hair Salon

On the day of my appointment, the ladies arrived promptly at 10am and started setting up. The first I got done was a porosity test on my hair, and it came out as expected, my hair has high porosity. We then got into the wash day which consisted of a prepoo, shampoo and deep conditioning. I did appreciate that they only used high quality Design Essentials products on my hair. After applying the leave-ins, my hair was blow dried lightly using cool air in preparation for the cornrows.


What I appreciated about the service is that it was very professional and I felt so at ease because I knew that the person doing my hair understood natural hair and how to treat it. In the last few months my wash days have spanned over the whole weekend because of having to do other things in between and take care of the little girl. so I loved that this wash day including the cornrows only took 3 hours of my time and I was done. It was also very relaxing to be in my home because I was in my zone and I could be with my daughter in a familiar environment, which is a huge plus for me.

I would 100% recommend the ladies from Ntokazi Natural Hair Salon for your haircare needs if you are around Durban. The service is super professional and the prices are very affordable, I will definitely be giving them a call again.

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  1. Lebo Kuty

    It’s very hard to find a salon that understands healthy hair!! Thank you for sharing

  2. Sheerdee

    I must try this when I’m in Durban. Thanks for review.

  3. Marlene louw

    Sounds so inviting. The pleasure of getting your taken care of in the comfort of your home is awesome!

  4. Asanda

    Hi LungiI’m loving your blog and enjoy your writing. I’m based in Jozi. Do you know of any mobile hair salons this side? I know you might have not tried them so no pressure to recommend the best from your experience. I’m willing to tesdrive them myself

    1. Lungi

      Hi Asanda, I’ve heard of an app called Vanguard that you can use to look up mobile hair stylists- you can try them out

  5. Zintle

    Hello Lungi….just started growing my hair and am new in Durban, how can I get hold of the salon, plz help

    1. Lungi

      Hi Zintle, you can contact them via their Facebook page

  6. Nana

    Hi Lungi iam struggling to maintain my natural afro, my problem is my hair line it’s too bad where can I go or what should I do, iam based in Durban

    1. Lungi

      Hi Nana, I haven’t been to salons in Durban but I’ve heard good things about Sphalaphala and one just off Cowey Road – I’ve just forgotten the name

  7. Lulu

    Hi Lungi
    Do you know the name of the salon off Cowey Road now. Would like to do twist out or wash and go I’m struggling doing those myself.Just want to try them or any that you know. Sphalaphala where are they situated ,what’s their address .

    1. Lungi

      Hi Lulu,

      I think Latural Hair Studio is the one off Cowey Road – they’re also on Instagram.
      Sphalaphala is on 133 Bulwer Road

  8. Lulu

    Thank you very much Lungi.

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