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Another season, another taking stock post. If you want to check out my previous installments of these posts, you can click here. Without too much rambling, read on further to find out what’s on my mind lately.

I’ve decided to change the way I do these posts – and basically chat to you about what has been happening in my life. I will make it short and succinct so that you will not get bored.

I am currently making my house very green lately. I am buying different types of house plants and planters. There is lot of information and ideas on Pinterest. There is also remembering to water them, giving them enough light and praying that they don’t die. I’ve already managed to kill a cactus that I’ve had for nearly 2 years.

Going to
After having not travelling for a long time, your girl is back with a bang! At the end of it all, I would’ve travelled to 4 countries in a period of 8 weeks. Even though it’s for work purposes, I have loved being to countries that I’ve never been to before. I am vlogging all my travels, so you can check all that out on my YouTube channel.

I am so obsessed with highlighters lately – they’re my favourite makeup product. I have also been buying a lot of them lately; my favourite has been the Maybelline MasterChrome. It forms part of a giveaway that I am hosting, which you can still enter.

Not happy with
My hair is still going through the most, the shedding has stopped but the parts that did shed are growing back slowly. This means that the long parts of my hair start pretty much by my ears ☹. But thank heavens for wigs, that is what I am using currently as a protective style. I like that I can switch up my look while giving my real hair a chance to recover. That is why there hasn’t been much hair content on any of my platforms because there isn’t much happening on that front. If you want to have long luscious hair, don’t have a baby!

curly wig south africa

Trying to
Get my eating habits right again after pretty much eating badly throughout my pregnancy and early postpartum phase. My BFF and I are on a ‘no processed foods and no added sugar’ eating regime till just before Christmas. I have failed dismally though on the few days that I’ve been travelling – it’s so hard to eat right while you’re on the road. However, I will try harder now that I am back home.

So that marks the end of my new style of the Taking Stock posts, let me know if you enjoyed this new format.

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  1. Lebo Kuty

    I have definitely enjoyed this new format!!!

  2. Simpzet

    Dead by if you want long luscious hair don’t have a baby. Nooo I think its different with everyone, I had stunning hair when I was preggies *tongue out*

    Good luck with the healthy eating 🙂

  3. SSS

    Love it.

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