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I’ve been out and about out of the country a couple of times in November for work purposes. The November trips were shorter than the Dakar trip I took in October so there wasn’t a lot of time for touring and exploring. However, I did manage to take some photos to share on my blog and give you glimpses of Kampala and Bamako in Uganda and Mali respectively. When I am traveling, I’m usually more active on my Instagram stories, so if you want current footage that is the place to go. 

A bit of visa information: South African passport holders require visas for both Uganda and Mali. The Uganda visa can be applied for online before traveling. It was such an easy peasy process and it cost 50 US dollars. The Mali visa is a bit more difficult because you have to physically submit the forms and your documentation at the consulate in Pretoria. I was lucky that my friendo Lebo was able to submit for me so I didn’t have to get myself to Pretoria. The Mali visa costs R510 for an ordinary one and R810 for an express one.

First up are some pictures from Kampala, Uganda.

kampala bamako

I loved how in Kampala the house plants are sold on the side of the road, even in Dakar I saw the same thing.

african market buganda road kampala

We visited the market where we had an opportunity to shop.

Ndere cultural centre, Kampala

On the Friday night we were treated to a show at the Ndere cultural centre, here we watched a traditional dance show from different tribes in Uganda as well as neighbouring countries.

Ndere cultural centre, Kampala

More of the dancers from the show.

Next up are the pictures from Bamako, Mali.

 Bamako airport

The airport in Bamako was quite modern and new – this was a welcomed change.


The view of the city from the hotel where we were staying. Visibility was very low for most of the time we were there, this is apparently due to the tiny sand particles that are blown into the city from the desert during the dry season.

river niger bridge

One of the 2 bridges that go over the Niger River that runs in the city.

Bamako,Mali food

One of the meals that I had, the food was very yummy especially the fish 🙂

Bamako market

Saturday market vibes

A bit of the streets on our way to the airport.

 That is all I managed to capture on my trips to Kampala and Bamako – I do have more footage on the vlogs that I filmed while there. I promise to capture a bit more photos on my next trip 🙂

And here are all the vlogs from my time in Kampala and Bamako.

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