christmas 2017 lust list

Christmas is around the corner and I have a few things that I would love to get, either as a gift from someone else or from me to me :). I love a good wishlist because if ever I have some left over money to spare it’s much easier for me to look at it to help me decide what to buy. I would really advise you to keep a wishlist of your own. So let me share what is on my current wishlist, and if you want to see my previous wishlists you can check herehere and here.

Christmas wishlist 2017


Rosegold bluetooth headphones – These particular ones are a bit pricey and way out my budget. Clicks has an affordable alternative but unfortunately they are out of stock online. I managed to get the very last pair at Clicks at Gateway 🙂

House plants – I am obsessed with house plants lately and I’m looking to buy bigger ones. I visit garden shops and nurseries ever so often to check out new stock, I can’t wait to buy them in the new year.

2018 journal – I see that bullet journals are all the rage lately, I’m not there yet I still like to keep it simple. Typo usually has beautiful yearly journals. I have seen lately that Mr Price Home has a thriving stationery section, so I might check there as well for my 2018 journal.

Vanity area – My current vanity set up is adequate for my current space. I’m moving houses soon and I would really love to carve out my own vanity space with closed and floating shelves. This inspiration picture that I got from Pinterest is similar to what I want – I would just change a few things here and there.

Gas stove – yep, I have become those people who have household items on my wishlist. But I really want to get off the electricity grid as much as possible and I think that a gas stove is the best way to start.

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