happy 2018

Happy 2018 y’all! I really hope that you guys had a great holiday if you were fortunate enough to have some time off. I had a mixed bag holiday, I managed to rest the first part and then it got super busy. We moved house at the end of the year and it was a wonderful and awful idea, wonderful in that we started off the year at our new place and awful in that moving in December is the worst thing that you can do! Trust me!

On the blog front I did some minor changes to the blog including a new logo 🙂 – I had this logo done in Sept/Oct 2017 but I chose to launch it for 2018. I plan to be a bit more consistent with my posts this year, last year did a number on me because motherhood but I am back and ready to rock and roll.

Thank you again for the support for my blog in 2017, it really means a lot! Here’s to growing my blog to greater heights in 2018!

Love, Lungi

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    Welcome back!!

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