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In  2017 I shared my evening skincare routine on my YouTube channel and on the blog. In the video I mentioned how I put a lot of effort into my evening routine more than my morning routine. I feel that in the evening my skin needs extra care because it’s dealing with all the dirt, grime & makeup from the whole day. In the mornings I keep it simple and do a few steps before applying my makeup – I am usually very short of time in the mornings so a quick morning skincare routine is right up my alley. 

Morning skincare routine

Cleansing If I did my proper evening skicare routine the previous night, in the morning I wont use any soap on my face. I use plain ol’ water and rub my hands allover my face as I would if I were using soap. I have been doing this for the past 18 months and it has worked well for me. I feel like using a cleanser twice a day is a bit of over kill for my skin.

If my face dries out between the time it takes to leave the shower and start applying my products (read as: if my daughter is being fussy that morning), I will rehydrate my skin using the Evian Facial Spray before carrying on with applying the products. I like applying face and body products on damp skin as opposed to completely dry skin.

Serum I’ve been using the African Extracts Daily Repair Facial Oil for 3 months now. It is a lightweight oil which sinks in very quickly into the skin. If you are new into this facial oils scene, I would recommend you to start off with this one to test your skin’s reaction. It costs R180 which is a fraction of the costs of other facial oils in the market, so it makes a for a good tester product.

Moisturiser I’m currently using the Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser, this product has a tiny bit of a tint to it so it adds a bit of glow to my skin which I particularly love on days when I’m not wearing any makeup.

Sunscreen You guys know that I am an advocate for daily sunscreen application even on days when I don’t step out of the house and days when there is absolutely no sun, I will still apply sunscreen and you should too! I wrote about the sunscreens that I love for women of colour with normal to oily skin here.

You can watch the video of me demonstrating all the steps of my morning skincare routine below. I filmed this video in 2017 in my hotel room in Bamako, Mali.

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  1. Nomali

    Your morning routine sounds simple enuf, but still makes sense/seems effective. I’m also with you on not wanting to “over cleanse.”

    Would you recommend the African extracts for all skin types?

    1. Lungi

      I have normal to oily skin and the repair oil works well for me, I assume it would work for people with dry skin as well.

      thank you for the comment

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