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I’ve just returned from my first out of country trip for 2018, this time around I went to Zambia. I spent a few days in the Central Province and another couple of days in the capital city Lusaka. This was not my first time in the country, I visited Lusaka in 2009 and Livingstone in 2012. The one thing I noticed this time around about Zambia is how a lot of things look familiar, there are quite a number of SA shops in the country. The fact that I go to these countries for work makes it difficult for me to capture a lot of footage, but I did manage to get some photos from my trip. 

 Lusaka Zambia Cholera

Lusaka is in the middle of a cholera outbreak. Before I left for the country I heard that there were sanitiser shortages so I made sure that I had my own reliable supply. It was total overkill though.

Lusaka Zambia

Are we there yet?? After arriving at the airport I travelled approximately 80km to my first destination in the country. It was such a long trip!

Lusaka Zambia

We drove so far out the city that we even went past a toll gate.

Lusaka Zambia Cholera

Another sign of the cholera epidemic were the hand washing stations outside every establishment.

Lusaka Zambia
The first place that I stayed was a lovely quaint cottage and it had these chairs on the patio – it’s a pity that I didn’t get to use them much.

Lusaka Zambia

This is one of the many shopping malls in Lusaka, like I mentioned earlier, they have a lot of the same shops that we have in South Africa.

Lusaka Zambia

The only cappuccino I had on my travels – it was very good and it fixed my craving.

Lusaka Zambia

This is the hotel where I stayed when I was in Lusaka.

Of course I vlogged my time in Zambia, the vlog will be out on my YouTube channel.

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  1. Hairy

    I envy you 😛 would love to visit Zambia some day

    1. Lungi

      It’s a beautiful place 🙂

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