homemade ice tea recipe

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I remember when my firiends and I got introduced to ice tea back in the day, I took one sip and I did not like it all and I have managed to stay very far away from it since. However, in the recent years I have been intrigued by being able to make my own ice tea and flavour/sweeten it the way that fits my tastebuds. I of course went down the rabbit hole that is the internet to find the general ice tea recipe and tweaked it to use the ingredients I have in my kitchen cupboards. My most favourite thing about making my own ice tea is experimenting with different teas and fruits to come up with a delicious drink that the whole family can enjoy.

I love making ice tea using tropical flavoured tea, it is possible to make it using rooibos and/or green tea but I like the tropical teas because they add more flavour.

I used tea that I bought on my trip to Kampala last year, it’s such a shame that hibiscus tea is not readily available in South Africa because it is so yummy I always make sure to buy some whenever I go or know someone who is going to East Africa.

homemade ice tea

How to make ice tea

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  • Brew 2 tea bags to your deisred strength in 1 litre of boiling water
  • Leave the tea to cool
  • Add sliced fruit
  • Squeeze in the juice of 1 lemon and add that rest of the lemon
  • Chill and serve


 Homemade Ice tea recipe

 And there you have it, it’s so easy peasy and you can substitute the tea flavours and fruit with those that you like. It’s also possible to add minnt and honey for extra flavour. I am planning to add some vodka as well for a delicious ice tea cocktail :).

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  1. Sheerdee

    This sounds so divine! I love homemade ice tea but am always so lazy to make my own. lol. I must try this one…

  2. Simpz

    Yum yum please make the vodka ice tea for when I come to visit 🙂

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