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My first taking stock post of 2018 πŸ™‚ – this is a series of posts where I touch base with what is currently going on in my life, well the highlights. You can read up on the the past instalments of the series here. This round of this series is about motherhood, a new home, my big chop and what I am currently listening to. Enjoy!

1 year of motherhood *nearly*
I know everyone says this but I can’t believe that I’m almost a year into motherhood! Where has the time gone? My little bunny is a far cry from the little 3.5kg newborn that we brought home. She is feisty, loud, impatient and such a ball of energy. She lets your know if she doesn’t want something anymore or if you’re taking too long to give her what she wants. I’ve learnt so much in this year of being a mother and it has been the toughest and most beautiful time of my life. I’m tearing up just from writing this and thinking back on the past year, so let me stop.

Starting over… big chop
I have started over with my hair and did my second big chop in January. I have been loving it so far and it was the best decision that I took for my hair. I cut my hair mainly because it just wasn’t recovering from postpartum shedding and I had varying lengths which made it very difficult to work with and I found that I was hiding it under wigs 100% of the time and I wasn’t liking my hair at all.

New address, who dis?
We moved into a new house at the end of 2017, we spent the last 2 days of the year moving boxes, cleaning and all the other things associated with moving. Even though it was hella tiring I am soooo happy to be at our new place, we have so much more room and some outside space for baby girl to run around in as soon as she can walk. I am taking the decor project at my own pace and I am excited to see how it all comes together when it is done.

Listening to
I’ve been loving listening to podcasts lately, I hardly even listen to music or radio when I’m in the car anymore. The ones that I’m listening to on a weekly basis are: The Receipts Podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, Forever35 and The Read.

This is what has been happening in my life lately

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