affordable highlighters for women of colour

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It’s no secret that I love highlighting, it’s my most favourite part of makeup application. I own several highlighters, more than I need tbh but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. My collection has a mix of high and low end as well as locally available and international highlighters, in this post though I want to go through my collection of affordable highlighters for women of colour and all of these are available locally.

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette
I love the highlighting shade in this palette! I love the colour (I am a fan of bronzey highlighters) and I love that it’s not too bright or out there, it is perfect for wearing on days when I don’t want a that glazed doughnut look. My only gripe is that after a few uses the product develops a “crust” and I have to wipe it off with a tissue in order to reveal the highlighting powder.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder
This is my most recent highlighter purchase, I was immediately drawn to it after I saw the new extended Wet n Wild range. What I like most about this highlighter is that it’s a different colour tone to the highlighters that I have it has a more pinky/peachy undertone and this works well on my face. The colour I got is: crown of my canopy.

Legit Bronzing Powder
This product is not really a highlighter, they call it a bronzing powder. However it has a gold highlighting powder on top of the brown bronzing powder and I use this gold powder as a highlighter. It is super pigmented and you don’t need to use a lot of product to achieve a super highlighted look. I’m not sure if this product is still available at Legit, I bought it 2 years ago and it was a steal at R30!

Avroy Shlain Coppelia Colour Bronzing Pearls
I use these bronzing pearls as a highlighter, I dip my brush into the pot and swirl the brush and apply the product. This product gives a soft highlight and I prefer to use it on those no make-up days but when I want a bit of a glow. One downside of this type of packaging is that you can’t use a regular size fan brush, so if this is your main brush for applying highlight then this product will not work.

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