saving up for dezemba … the 52 week savings challenge

I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the 52 week savings challenge, basically the premise is that you are to save incremental amounts of money per week of the year. You’ll then have a lump sum of money to spend wrecklessly at the end of the year. I know we’re already well in to 2018 but this is a case of rather late than never, especially when it comes to saving. I also wanted to wait till I got into the groove of this savings challenge before I wrote about it.

Adapting it to suit me
The original 52 week savings challenge will have you saving R10 in week 1 going up to R520 by the last week of the year. I knew from the beginning that I would not be able to save over R300 per week so I made a decision to adapt the challenge to what is possible for me. I think this is the best way to tackle it, I prepared myself for success from the onset. Granted, I’ll have less money at the end of the year but I won’t be demotivated during the course of the year when the amount become too high.

How I’m saving
I decided from the beginning to save monthly, so I look at the monthly amount and I put it aside on the day that I get my salary. I also prepay, this means that with my April salary I will set aside the May amount so come end November, I will be done and can start spending my savings as soon as December starts.
I’m also not limiting myself to the monthly amount that needs to be put away, whenever I have spare money (mostly coins when I want to empty my wallet) I also add it to the container, so I’ll end up with more money at the end of the year.

Where to keep the money
I am keeping my money in an ice cream container next to my bed – I’m going old school with it (if you are ever at my house, you now know where to find it 🙂 ). I could have opened a separate savings account and transferred it there but I am loving seeing the cold, hard cash. I love it to count it now and again just to see how far I’m progressing.

December wish-list
I am up to date with my savings and I’m going strong. I have my wishlist ready (see my previous wishlist) and I keep on adding to it – at this rate,  I will need more money, lol. I will share my list closer to the time when I’m ready to spend it.

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  1. SSS

    Such a great idea! And no, I hadn’t heard of it till now. Better late then never, right? PS I will need to shutdown those Zando notifications for me to be successful at this endevour 🙂

    1. Lungi

      Lol! Don’t let Zando be an enemy of progress girl!

  2. Simpzet

    I am coming to visit you 🙂 I started, lets just say by end of Feb all was forgotten and at home they kept going to my safe to withdraw 🙁 I think I’ll start again….

    1. Lungi

      lol sisto, askies! Make sure you keep it away from those rascals this time around

  3. Shalane

    I have always wanted to do this, and seeing how well you are progressing, I am going to start doing it. Thanks for this article.

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Shalane. Thank you for reading 🙂

  4. Nomvuyo

    This savings plan saved my life. This is my third year doing it and since last year I’ve doubled the amount as a challenge to myself to R27 560 a year. Its amazing how you start to realize how much money you spend so unconsciously. “If you have money to spend,you have money to save”…that’s what I tell myself now. I still spoil myself,but its now more of a planned thing and less impulsive.

    1. Lungi

      You are goals!!! Thanks for the idea of saving more each year. And you’re right about spending, it’s so easy to spend money frivolously nje

    2. Simpzet

      Wooow…. I wanna be you in the next year 🙂

  5. Yolanda

    Oh my this is so cool. Share your plan so I can catch up.This is brilliant! Did not know this.

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