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I am currently obsessed with using sleeping masks in my skincare routine, I love them because I only have to wash them off in the morning and they continue to nourish my skin while I sleep – it’s a win win really. When I started incorporating sleeping masks in my routine I only used them a few nights a week, they worked so well that I use a sleep mask each night now. In this post I will share the sleeping masks that I am currently using and loving.

Spoiler: I love all the masks featured in this post, my skin feels soooo soft, hydrated and bouncy the morning after I either of these masks. Now that that’s out of the way, let me break down each one…

sleeping masks

Laneige Special Care Water Sleeping Mask ($25)
This mask is my jam! My skin loves it so much. I love that it quickly absorbs into the skin and a little goes a long way. I really understand now why it is such a cult product. There is so much product in the jar I foresee using it for the next 2 years even with the 2-3 times a week use that it is currently getting. If you ever get a chance to but this mask, please do no matter your skin type.

Sephora Sleeping Mask ($4)
What I love about these masks is that there is a wide variety of them for treating different skin concerns (mattifying, brightening, moisturising, energising etc.), they’re also such good value for money – I get an average of 4 applications per pot. Most of the ones I have used have a jelly like consistency. The one thing I don’t like is that they don’t sink into the skin as quickly as the Laneige ones, no matter how little product I use I can still feel the mask on my skin if I touch it.

Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask (R455)
This mask is targeted for people with dry and sensitive skin, it focuses on  repairing dry skin with long-term hydration effects. Even though my skin is not dry I have used this mask because all skin types can use extra hydration and moisturisation. I love that the mask has ingredients like urea and fatty acids which are known to really hydrate the skin. This mask would work so well if you’re on a long haul flight because it will ensure that your skin will stay well hydrated and moisturised in the dry airplane conditions.

All these masks are indicated for use 2-3 times a week, this is why I have opted to have them all on rotation in that way I don’t over use any of them. I realise that 2 of the 3 masks that I have featured are not available in South Africa, however The Body Shop also has a number of sleeping masks to choose from at good prices.

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  1. Sheerdee

    Bought a few here in Australia and look forward to trying them out soon as I land back in SA. After reading this post am so glad I decided to buy a few mini sleep masks to try.

    1. Lungi

      Yay! I’m so excited to see your skincare haul from Oz 🙂

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