i went a bit overboard… here’s what i splurged on in may

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For some or other reason I have bought a loooot of new items in May, so much so that I have put myself on a much needed 3 month ban from online shopping (my BFF and credit card support this move). Before my life gets boring again because I’m not buying any more new things, I want to share the items that I bought in this May collective haul post.

MakeupShayla x Colourpop perception palette

My friendo, Lebo Kuty introduced me to one of her favourite beauty YouTubers, MakeupShayla and she’s also become a fave of mine. So when Shayla released her collection with Colourpop we quickly ordered some products. My Colourpop haul included the MakeupShayla Perception eyeshadow palette and the lipgloss, I also bought a lipline from the Ellarie x Colourpop collab as well. I have created some beautiful eye looks using the Shayla palette – I’m so in love with it. I had to pay customs fees for this order, boo hoo – I was crushed!

SkinbyNorma face and skin product

I also placed an order from SkinbyNorma – I loved the body products so much when I got some for review, I decided to try out some of the face products as well. I bought the lip scrub (which smells ah-mazing!), the herbal toner for oily skin and the body oil. I love that this business is Durban based and my purchases get delivered to me very quickly after purchasing :). I paid R150 for the body oil, R50 for the lip scrub and R100 for the toner.

Nivea body lotions

I received a press drop from Nivea containing some of their body lotions that are great for winter. I love Nivea body products and I use them quite often. this pack also included a hot/cold pack and socks, thank you Nivea!

the ordinary 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc Dermatoclean Refreshing Cleansing Gel

In terms of skincare… I’ve been trying to regulate my skincare routine i.e. buy everything I need and use it for an extended period of time with chopping and changing. So these 2 products were exactly what I needed to do that. I have been using Dudu Osun as a cleanser and I wanted to change to a gentler cleanser for the colder and drier months that is why I got the Eucerin Dermatoclean Refreshing Cleansing Gel (R130 at Dischem). The niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% from The Ordinary is going to help with fading my hyper pigmentation, I bought that one at MuseBeauty for R230 – lucky for me they have a physical shop based in Morningside so I could buy the product off the shelf 🙂

fitbit charge 2

Lastly, I bought the FitBit Charge 2 – I’ve been wanting a FitBit for a while now, and I finally go one. Lucky enough for me the day when the thought sprang back into my mind Takealot was having a sale on the FitBit Charge 2 (I bought it for R1699, the current price is R2189) and I bought it then, it’s been the most exciting purchase for me this month.

And that is it for my May collective haul, see what I meant that I went overboard!

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  1. Lebo

    Yay to the Shayla palette!! She has truly outdone herself!! I also use the Eucerine cleanser!! It’s bomb! I personally allow this haul May is a special month ‍♀️

    1. Lungi

      She did that!! Lol! May is indeed a special month

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