5 springtime essentials

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Finally, the sun is setting later and rising earlier, spring is here! I am all about this time of the year – it’s my favourite. I am going to share my springtime essentials, these are the products that are going to ease the transition into this new season.

springtime essentials

Light body lotions
In winter I tend to use heavier lotions and oils on my body, but come springtime I am ready to make the switch to lighter products. I have been using the new Johnson’s Smoothies range and I am in love! The lotion is lightweight but keeps my skin moisturised throughout the day. The scent of the lotion is also a winner for me, my favourite is the yoghurt, peach and coconut one.

Body sunscreen
I’ve had my facial sunscreen game down for so many years now but my body sunscreen game is pretty much non-existant, but I am planning to change that. My job has me outside for a fair amount of time, that coupled with wearing short sleeves, skirts and dresses means I am exposed to the sun. I am going to start applying sunscreen daily on my legs and arms as a start and see how it goes; my choice is this Boots spray on sunscreen SPF 50, I love that it is non-sticky and non-greasy, the spray application is also a time saver.

Springtime essentials

Bright nail polish & lipstick
I am not one to subscribe to wearing season based colour palettes but when it comes to nail polish and lipstick I love wearing bright colours in the spring time. My current favourite nail polish brands are Essie and Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy. When it comes to lipsticksI am still loving matte formulas, especially matte bright lipsticks are my ultimate faves after nudes of course!

Lace-up block heels
I love thse shoes because they are cute and practical. They’re so comfortable that I can stand/mingle while wearing them and not feeI tired. They are the perfect heels for weekends or for events. I got these ones from Exact for R340, they also come in navy.

Shaving gel
Let me tell you a little secret… I hardly shave my legs during winter, It’s just too much work and I find it not necessary. But come springtime I have to make a proper plan. My choice of shaving gel and razors are from Loving Touch, these are the only ones I’ve been using since they were sent to me last year.

What are your springtime essentials?

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  1. Simpz

    You know I’m not very big on wearing nail polish…I still refuse to paint my finger nails, but you taught me so well I cannot ignore my toe nails especially in the spring and summer time. So I’ve started stocking up on bright colours to get my groove on with …

    1. Lungi

      Yay! toe nails definitely need to be painted! You have such lovely fingers though sis, nail polish would look very good on them.

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