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Corium skincare is one of those brands I had been eyeing for a while but never got around to buying anything from them. Well that changed and I finally decided to bite the bullet. This was mainly because they had added more products to their range that we super interesting to me and really compelled me to buy.

I placed and paid for my order on the 4th of October, the ordering and paying process was seamless, I received my order on the 8th of October. I paid R75 for shipping via courier. Here is what I bought…

Corium Skincare Green Tea Clay Mask

Green Tea Clay Mask (50ml, R120)
When I was looking through the mask offerings this one spoke to me because it was a hydration mask and I’m all about hydrating my skin at the moment. I was a bit hesitant about buying a clay mask because I associate them with being quite drying but I decided to take a chance. I’m happy I did because it’s very hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin tight at all. I’ve used it twice since buying it and I’m very happy with the performance.

Corium Skincare Vegan Face Mask Brush

Vegan Face Mask Brush (R60)
I have been using an old makeup brush to apply masks and I decided to change it up and get myself an upgrade. I love this brush, it’s so soft and yet so strong – it’s able to pick up product well without me needing to do a lot of work. I’ve used it with other masks and it works just as well as with the clay mask. It gets a yes from me.

Corium Skincare Tamanu Oil

Organic Tamanu Oil (50 ml, R180)
If you’ve been following me for some time you’ll know that my favourite facial oil is rosehip oil and it’s been working so well for me over the years. This year however I came across tamanu oil and I’ve heard good things about it especially for acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation. I’ve been using this oil every night since I bought it, I can’t say much about it results wise yet but I am hopeful.

Have you used any Corium Skincare products before?

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  1. Nomali

    Corium ae a fave! I was gifted by friends last year and I’ve also been meaning to get something ever since. Please do share feedback on the tamanu oil.

  2. Vanessa

    The Clay mask is what actually caught my eye…I just love treating myself with them.As for the oil, I’ve had acne for quite a long time, It has to go…

    1. Lungi

      Those clay masks are everything!

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