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On my recent trip to Beijing, China I bought some new skincare goodies. I can see myself making the shift from buying makeup to skincare when I travel abroad. This may be due to the fact that there aren’t enough complexion product options for my skintone in Asian countires and also some makeup and skincare brands aren’t sold in China due to the animal testing rules that they have. I also noticed that a lot of proucts were focused towards hydration and moisturisation – hyaluronic acid was a buzzword on all the shelves and I was 100% here for that!

The products on my shopping list before I travelled were: a cleansing balm, a cleanser and a moisturiser – these were my absolute must-haves.

banila co clean it zero south africa

One of the malls I went to had a Banila Co shop and I immediately made a bee line for it. I had to have this cleanser, it is such a cult product. I bought the larger tub for ~R500. From the few times I’ve used it, I’m in love.

new skincare products

As I said earlier, hydration is the name of the game in Asian skincare. I got the: Sephora Gel Mask Hydrating & Quenching, Miniso Hydration Booster Serum, Neutrogena HydroBoost Essence Lotion and the L’Oreal HydraGenius Aloe Water Daily Moisturiser. There was a larger range in the Neutrogena HydroBoost range at the shops there than we have in SA but the Essence Lotion is the only thing that grabbed my fancy. The L’Oreal moisturiser is quite similar to the Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel that I’ve been using for most of this year. The interesting part is that this product is available in SA but only at the Duty Free Shop at the airport, I really don’t know why they don’t have it in regular stores.

new in skincare

The Neutrogen HydroBoost capspule masks were ~R30 each, talk about a steal! The cleanse I bought from Miniso, I’m not sure if it’s available in the Miniso shops in SA.

sheet masks

No visit to an Asian city is complete without the purchase of a bajillion sheet masks. I got some masks for as low as ~R10. I love face masks and I try to use them each week. I bought enough to last me till my next trip 🙂

That’s all the new skincare that I bought in Beijing, let me know if you guys want more in-depth information on any of the products above.

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  1. Vuyelwa

    I’ll be making a quick stop at the Duty Free Shop since it’s SO much closer!!Totally envious of those Neutrogena masks.

    1. Lungi

      It will be pretty easy to get if you know someone who is flying international who can get it for you on the other side of passport control.

  2. Angel

    Hey , I’ll be going to Beijing this December. I wanted to adk which shops you got these from. Looove your blogs btw!

    1. Lungi

      Thank you Angel 🙂 – I bought from the following shops:

      Miniso – some of the masks, the face wash and the hydration serum
      Mannings – the Neutrogena products and some of the masks
      Banila Co – the makeup remover balm
      Sephora – the hydrating masks

      The 1st 3 shops were at a Mall called APM in Wangfujing Street and Sephora was at the next mall called: The Malls at Oriental Plaza. Miniso though is everywhere so you’ll be able to find that easily.

  3. Nomali

    This is hydration porn and I’m sooo here for it! Happy sheet masking

    1. Lungi

      thank you! that’s my current skincare focus so I needed to go all out.

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