i finally have my dream flower bed

You guys know my love for gardening and plants, so when a couple of weeks ago the garden at our home was over hauled my BFF suggested I include a flower bed and I was all hands on deck! I arranged for a small plot of land to be left out in the overhaul and my flower bed planning began. I love that it’s right next to the patio so I catch a glimpse of it whenever I step outside.

Indigenous Durban plants

This is how the patch of garden looked before anything was planted. I started off with existing plants that I had in pots which I thought would grow bigger if planted in a garden.

Indigenous Durban plants

Flowers in Durban

Next came the fun part: buying plants. I went to nurseries and I went a bit ham. I had no system of buying plants, I just bought ones that appealed to me and looked pretty. I think I’ve bought enough plants now, next up is to cover the exposed soil with stones just to make it look more pretty and to minimise water losses.

led solar string lights

led solar string lamp

I’ve included some solar lamps and a solar bulbs string of lights, they look so magical at night. so in love with this space, I can’t wait till my plants are grown and thriving.

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to create this beautiful space for myself, it is what I’ve dreamed of a long time and this is just the start!

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