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I’ve recently bought new items so I can do a vanity decor revamp in my home and bring this area with the rest of us into 2019, this was a much needed upgrade! My vanity area has evolved over the years and I finally have it to where I want. The dream is obviously a full on walk-in closet with its own make up area but for now I am happy with what I’ve built for myself at a reasonable cost. This space is my little piece of heaven in my home. I’ve managed to build it up using affordable (relative) pieces that I’ve picked up at various places and some that I have DIY’ed. Over the holidays I did a clean-up of the area and incorporate the new items; I am going to be sharing my new revamped vanity look with you and how I store my make up and other accessories.

The main feature of my area is the desk, I’ve had this desk for years and it is a simple study desk that I bought at Game. I then covered it with marble contact paper in order to make it more modern. It has served me so well over the years. The chair is a recent buy, I bought it from Decofurn, it’s such an upgrade from my previous chair, wow! who knew such a thing as a chair glow up existed.

makeup storage ideas

This shelving unit was the main reason for my re-organisation, I bought it towards the end of last year and I knew it would be the suit my needs well. It stores the bulk of my make up and it ensures that everything is easily accessible. I bought it at The Hub for R499, there’s also a white version.

My acrylic organiser holds the bulk of my makeup. I try as much as I can to group the products into categories just so to make it easier on myself but most of the time it all gets jumbled up. One thing I’d change with the organiser is I’d have the top compartment also open outwards like a drawer instead of having a flip lid, this would allow me to store stuff on top of the organiser. I bought my organiser from Zujaaj.

eyeshadow palettes storage ideasThis notebook holder was a great find from Mr Price Home and it stores all my palettes and because they’re so visible I get to use them so much more than I did when they were hidden away in my acrylic organiser.

On the left is a 3 compartment storage unit which I also bought from Zujaaj. I initially used it to store my makeup brushes but with this revamp I chose to rather store my eye pencils, lip pencils and brow products. My makeup brushes now get stored in glass containers, the gold containers are repurposed from Mpilo’s 1st birthday party.

I’ve accumulated a fair bit of makeup from Fenty Beauty and the way I love these products I want to see them everyday so I keep them on display on top of the desk on a silver tray… side note: is everyone else as excited as I am about the Fenty Beauty concealers and setting powders that will be launching this week?!? On the right is where I keep all my beauty sponges and wedges, I repurposed a used candle holder. The gold container stores all my concealers and mascaras, I bought it at Pep Home.

vanity decor revamp

The wall decor main focus is this hula flower ring that I made for Mpilo’s 1st birthday party, I couldn’t let me hard work go to waste so I put it up. The vinyl sticker is from Mr Price Home. The cards I keep from online purchases and press drops – they just liven up the area.

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  1. Lucy

    Where did you buy your marble contact paper?

  2. Nomali

    Your vanity area is meticulous and inspiring. If i had Fenty lipsticks and things, I’d have them in display too! Decorfurn is such a plug.PS: Bravo on the desk

    1. Lungi

      Thank you! I love Decofurn – I’ve been buying so much furniture from them lately

  3. Lebo Kuty

    *silently making a list for my goodie back *. Lol kidding friendo your vanity area looks stunning.

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